16 Feb 2013

Review: WARM BODIES (2013)

Warm Body = Warm Viewing

Warm Bodies is 2013's early hit about a zombie amongst a zombie apocalypse who falls in love with a survivor, whether it was basic instinct or the fact that the zombie ate her boyfriend's brains I just don't know; by yeah, that's the story. Ridiculous? Of course. Cheesy? Obviously. Entertaining? Hell Yeah!

There are a lot of things that any horror fan, or movie fan in general could pick at and point out that make the film seem a little like it's protagonist...Dead, but when watching the film you have to keep telling yourself "it's inventive, it's new" to get the good experience. Not to say that the film is only good because you tell yourself that it is, it's just so that you don't spend the entire movie experience saying "That is so stupid! Zombies can't talk!" or "Why doesn't she just kill the zombie! Stupid Bitch!" because trust me, you will end up disliking the film, even though it's fun inventiveness.When the film started I wasn't too sure on how this was going to go; and to see a near empty theater my hopes weren't all that high, despite critic's speaking very positively about it; but sure they did that with The Last Exorcism and that was just dreadful so, say no more. Well I think it's safe to say I came out of Warm Bodies happy, satisfied, and pleased. In Saying that, there was a point towards the middle were I did question myself whether I was enjoying this film or not (around the constant airplane sequences) but as the film went on the more I started to enjoy it. I'm not sure what it was that made me start to enjoy the film a bit more, maybe it was when it started to feel like a zombie movie... Yeah that's it. As I was saying, it didn't feel very much like a horror before the zombie chase scenes, maybe that was the director's intention but I think I can speak for most horror fans when saying this; If you're going to make a horror romance, make sure there is plenty of horror to make up for the extensive romance. 

VERDICT: The casual movie goer should enjoy this as a whole new experience of anything they have seen before, and the casual horror zombie fans should enjoy it for its Zombieland-like qualities. By no means is this a great film because it certainly is not but what I can say is that you'll have one heck of a time watching this one.

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