24 Feb 2013


TV's hottest new Horror Show returns.

AHS returned for a second season back in October 2012, delivering all the juicy horror goodness from Season 1 and spicing it up for Season 2. I have been a fan of AHS since it first aired back in lat 2011 and i kept on watching and watching til the very last episode of Season 2, and i never missed one. So reviewing this is very easy because i was always drawn into the tormenting and disturbing world of AHS and was always extremely fascinated by the twists and turns it had stored up it's sleeve. However, having as many unanswered questions that Asylum did became a little tired and quite frankly, annoying. I should be crucifies for calling one of the best shows on television annoying but it was. Saying this doesn't mean i didn't like the series because trust me, i loved it; not as much as the first series but i still enjoyed the raw thrill.
Was it scarier than Season 1? yeah defiantly. I think it was the concept in general that built the scarier mood because let's face it, we all have a fear of mental hospitals, whilst a haunted house is so... in metaphoric terms, vanilla. It is scary, but i think the fear we feel is built through the look and mood of the piece; there is no actual scares there but with a few jump scares and creepy characters they got away with it.
I think the most powerful element of AHS Asylum its WTF moments. Like common, never before has a show been so fucked up yet deeply disturbing and haunting. It's fun in the way that it's different, it's not afraid to express its deep darkness because it can get away with it and its the only show on telly that can.
Yes it's disturbing and truly fucked up but it also has heart when it comes to the characters. Nearly all of them are likable  and the ones that aren't become that way, and the ones that were become hated (mostly because were revealed to their deepest and darkest secrets). Asylum by no means is a character-driven horror show like The Walking Dead but it tries to bring some light to this dark series and it works.
If there are plans for a third season then id imagine it would be a bloody good one.

VERDICT: American Horror Story: Asylum ticks most of the boxes when it comes to fulfilling a horror fans needs. It having true heart and honest emotion should attract the normal television go'er. It's ambition may make for a fun ride but it hasn't quite grasped what it is to make a brilliant series. Maybe it should take a few tips from The Walking Dead.

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