17 Feb 2013

Review: AMERICAN MARY (2013)

Nip/Tuck Meets Hostel
American Mary, one of the most slick horrors in years that delivers dynamtic thrills; that combined with its cold-hearted plot and superb characters delivers a deeply disturbing yet visually stunning bloody affair that brands Jen and Sylvia Soska into the horror genre. The Soska Twins were clearly onto something when brewing this quirky yet deeply disturbing genre flick, and although the whole "surgeon gone mad" feels familiar, there take on it takes that cliche into a whole original path, mostly on the behalf of the brilliantly creepy premise of a woman's desire to become a doll. Weird yet wonderful.

Despite the odd shortage on enthusiasm at certain parts of the film, you can't deny the unusual yet intriguing premise and delivery of the film, and its that which separates it from what 2013 has to offer, thriller and horror wise. I mean what's not to love, it has Blood, gore, original thrills, an impressive premise and ofcourse, Katharine Isabelle.

VERDICT: American Mary may not be an masterpiece, but it certainly tries to differentiate from what the modern horror genre has to offer and doesn't follow the Teen horror cliche. It's a brave attempt to try something new which the Soska Sisters successfully pull off. It's slick, stylish, inventive and gloriously gory. A true contender for best horror of 2013.

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