18 Feb 2013

Short Review: COCKNEYS VS. ZOMBIES (2012)

The Lower the Expectations the better it is.

What happens when you mix tacky with fun? You get Cockneys vs. Zombies. Brit Zombie flick; seen it. Brit Zombie Comedy flick; seen it. Brit Zombie Comedy flick where O.A.P's fight against the undead; Comedy gold. Despite most of the film being drenched in more cliché's than the cast are in blood it still manages to capture an element of 'new'; a lot of it may become familiar to us but the old pensioner sequences sure won't. it's whole "capture the element of South London bad-asses" stilt doesn't really help the film, in fact it drags it down a little due to lack of character build up; and to be honest, the only people I care about happen to be the older-bunch. Maybe the whole 'criminal' plot did provide a reasonable explanation for why nearly every human in the film can use a rifle but I think it just wasn't pulled off as good as the creator's planned. Actually, that may be the case for the entire film. It was good but not great, it was funny but not hilarious, it was fun in all the right places but missed on some promising opportunities. That's kind of the theme to this film, half well done and half lazy. I'm not going to degrade the film anymore because I got some real enjoyment from it. It was gory, it was fun and it was a damn good watch. Oh, and the title sucks. 

VERDICT: Despite lunging zombie cliché's at us throughout and feeling a little lazy at places it still manages to maintain the laughs, gore and enjoyablitly which frequently seep from the screen, mostly at the same time.

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