18 Feb 2013

Review: HALLOWEEN II (2009)

Original but as Dull as a 30-year old Blade
In 2007 Rob Zombie released a remake that was sure to annoy all Halloween fans as well as horror fans. Although it was a remake it differed itself a lot from the original, making it Rob's own. In doing this the only way he could succeed was by adding a shit load or gore, sex and disturbing scenes. I myself enjoyed the remake and thought it portrayed the character of Myers better than the original, despite his raging anger. Even though i thought it was good not many actually did. Critics ripped it to shreds as it only received a wasteful 24% on rotten tomatoes. Saying that not even the Halloween fans liked it...
After this flop i had definitely thought Myers was laid to rest not only by his fatal end in the film but how could someday create a sequel of Resurrection when a remake was in-front? So Rob planned the idea of a sequel to a remake, and there has been a very few times were this has happened. I didn't like the idea, and i didn't like the film...
Halloween 2 (or as Zombie likes to call it, "H2") is a boring, old-fashioned horror which seems to think that the main source of entertainment is gore, which its not. The biggest fault that is to come from this film is that there is actually no story what so ever. The film is basically about Myers who goes through a journey to find Laurie, who halfway through the film discovers Myers is her brother. After that its about five kills and a 2 minute chase scene along with some hallucinations on Michael's behalf.

The film is too boring to say the least. It lacks originality, scare and a good plot to incise the viewer. But we can't be interested from cliche alone, in-fact, cliche isn't interesting at all. What also annoyed me was the horrible grey filter that carries throughout the film which not only makes the atmosphere boring but makes the film really unattractive. Listen, im not saying the film is a complete failure because it isn't. I did like the fact that its a new idea apart from the first 15 minutes of the film (which is the best 15 minutes of the film). There are a few jumpy moments involved and very ugly death scenes involved too which occasionally reminds us of who it is directing (a man gets his face bashed it which Michael's heel of his boot). This film could have been much worse than what it actually is, but i could also have been much better by, i dunno, involving a plot maybe.

VERDICT: It's strange that somebody should create a sequel to a remake but unfortunately that isn't the problem with this film. Halloween II is a tired sequel that's too lazy to chase a victim and too boring to add a color every now and again. After the 45 minutes of pure dullness it makes you wonder if it was a bad idea to make a sequel to a remake, never mind a sequel to a classic.

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