18 Feb 2013

Review: HALLOWEEN (2007)

Good by Remake Standards, Pale compared to the Original
Everybody has a vendetta against horror remakes and there's no denying it, were human, its what we do. When news was released about there being a remake of my favorite horror's i was against it from the very beginning. Then came the news that Rob Zombie was directing it,. From watching films such as the Devil's Rejects it was pretty clear that this version of Halloween was going to be an updated gory version. I hated the whole idea. Halloween came around and i liked it surprisingly. Well the cinema version was fair enough as it didn't have enough good old fashioned chase scenes and lacked suspense which was ever so common in the original. Then came the dvd which was much better and filled my horror needs. Kind of.

Rob Zombie's Halloween is undoubtedly violent and quiet disturbing at parts. Even though it inst Halloween i still thought it was a more realistic vision to Myers. What was a nice touch from Zombie was dedicating 45 minutes to Myers in his young days which shows his method of madness. Those 45 minutes could actually be the best part of the film. It is a more in-depth way to show Michael's life instead of  the audience having to assume that he's mad (it is obvious tho). Even though its a nice touch it at times was a little silly by the fact that his mother dearest was a stripper pole-dancer whore, his step-father was a lazy-ass verbally abusive bum and Michael's sister Judith, well she is a typical teen really, all of which show that his background was far from sunny. The young Michael scenes are very violent and and hearse but that's reality. The film may lack originality but it defiantly knows how to fulfill the gore-fans needs and it could please those who were disappointed with the sequels (me as one of them apart from H20). To be honest i couldn't see many Halloween fans liking this remake due to its large difference and change from the original but i liked it and enjoyed it so that all that matters. Well Done Rob.

VERDICT: Despite having very little to do with the original and having a very different style, its still an enjoyable horror flick to watch by all gore, sex and teen humour. Even though its no Carpenter or H20 it still manages to capture some true moments such as the life of Myers. I'm impressed.

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