18 Feb 2013


Michael Myers is back, and NOT better than ever

Right lets face it, the Halloween franchise had clearly fell flat and had died out with no re-light after the dreadful third installment which had ditched the whole Myers idea by leaving him for dead but was that the right idea? Well lets just agree that bringing back Myers was a good idea but wasn't t presented with grace. Even though Myers was missed, it makes me think that maybe he should have stayed dead as part 4 is just another mindless and silly sequel to fall into the franchise; which was also shown by Friday the 13th and Elm Street. Myers may be more blood thirsty than ever but his reason just aren't as valid as needs be. Its good to ditch the Laurie character before he became a joke along with this film but it could have been worse. The character of Jamie (Laurie's daughter) is a little too young for the butchering don't you think? even though she does a bit herself it is still obvious to the viewer that this little girl is never gonna die at the hands of Myers and definitely isn't gonna die on screen (since when have we ever seen a child knifed on screen? NEVER) Due to this silly plot the film becomes all kinds of obvious which actually drags the film down a few notches. Fair enough we do get a little surprise scare here and there but there is no solid horror involved; with the plot, the characters and even Michael (who seems to have lost his neck in this installment). I feel as if this sequel tries to follow the blueprint of the first which clearly has not worked. It could be he directors homage to Carpenter but i couldn't imagine the creator of H4 to be smart cause this film certainly isn't. Even though i could flood this review with negative points i have to mention the fact that i did enjoy it. I'm not saying its a good film because its not but i happen to be a Myers fan so seeing the masked killer back on screen was a delight and a relief as i though after H3 there is no going back. I was wrong. I think its safe to say that its the worst Myers film yet.

VERDICT: This Myers sequel isn't the worst film that's fallen on our screens and is certainly no Halloween 1; but i did find myself enjoying it slightly after over-looking the major faults that occur through-out but hey, It could have been Friday the 13th Part 4...

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