18 Feb 2013


Myers begins to loose his game

I try my hardest to keep faith with the Halloween franchise and i hope that the next sequel that comes would succeed and entertain me. It was a smart idea to bring back Myers and to start the franchise up again but then came H4 which wasn't all that good and wasn't what many of us fans expected it to be. Then came the news that another Myers sequel and as expected we all hoped that maybe it would work this time. Unfortunately i didn't fill my Halloween needs and my needs as a horror fan. Halloween 5 is every bit as similar in style to H4. Its too familiar to stand on its own two legs and is at the same level on interest which isn't very high. I think its slightly better than the previous installment even though there is little difference and it doesn't cover new grounds but i found it that bit more intense (all due to the post shoot scene). The plot was a little dry and silly; even sillier than H4. Like seriously, what possibly could have happened to little Jamie for her to loose her voice completely? How the hell could Michael survive rounds of shotgun shells and bullets and still manage to walk around like a pimp. It doesn't make any sense. Or does it? Maybe this is all just an act to make sure that Myers will NEVER die under any circumstances; That is something that makes sense, possibly the only thing about this film that does. One of the aspects that worked was the unexpected killing of a previous main character which i can say i didn't see coming; but the director had to do something to make it different. I love Michael Myers so its positives that i look for in his films so here are a couple of good comments i struggled to think of; its surprising at stages, often scary but not a lot, there's a few scenes not shown on screen before and a die-hard Myers fan should enjoy.

VERDICT: Halloween 5 is an all-round average horror. It brings very little new to the table and tends to fall into silly horror cliche trends. There may be a few impressive scenes here and there but overall its just another one of those typical horror sequels which many will look back at and laugh.

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