18 Feb 2013


Really? Like, Really?!

I don't know if im thrilled at the fact that Myers is never going away or that the more films he's in the more obscure plots they invent to tie him into the story. I thought chasing a 10 year-old niece was bad until watching this installment. Yeah so apparently Michael Myers is worshiped like a demon or devil; monk typed followers are after little Jamie's new born baby after she hides it before her violent end in the series. Tommy Doyle (the weird boy who was babysat by Laurie in 1978) finds the baby and her coincidentally lives across from the Myers house (which changes every film. Strange.) and across from relatives of Laurie. Of course Michael comes back and gets a little knife happy and... you know the rest. Out of the Myers films so far number six has to be the most obscure of them all. Fair enough he could have been after Tommy Doyle and little Lindsay which probably would have made a better sequel but instead they chose to go with the hunt of a sacrifice. Seriously? that's just desperate. I'm not gonna lie, i enjoyed this sequel more than the previous two but it doesn't mean the film was good. Although there are some adrenaline moments it seems to be blocked by the force of silliness and pointless; two aspects which are blatant obvious. Its no secret that the Halloween films are slipping to utter destruction because the movies are public but what could have improved it was loosing the emo plot. The movie just didn't feel like a Halloween movie. The style is different, the music has a 90's rave upgrade and the image looks as if Michael has ate too much Holiday candy. Poor little fat killer; Never gets a word in. I would like the film even more if it wasn't for the monks and rituals, although my favorite scene from the film is a chasing through the mental hospital. How ironic. The film isn't good but it delivers its fair share of scares which have improved through the series; but what can you do, the films done now.

VERDICT: Even though its better than the previous two it still falls victim to the horror cliches and sequel silliness. It may have a few good scares which are effective; it doesn't take away from the fact that the plot is all kinds of ridiculous, and the film is average. The saying "Third time lucky" clearly doesn't work in this case.

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