18 Feb 2013

Review: HALLOWEEN H20 (1998)

Going back to basics clearly seems to be the better option
John Carpenter's Halloween was a horror that set new ground below future horror directors and is still to this day used as a blueprint for recent horror directions. Like most classics Halloween was riddled with sequels, all of which were average or below. Those sequels destroyed the originality of the 1978 adaption. This infectious movie disease is also commonly known with the Friday the 13th series, Nightmare on Elm Street series and even such secret gems as Hellraiser and Candyman. These films have all fallen victim to the destruction caused by sequels.

Every horror fan has little hope in sequels; after watching the previous seven we tend to switch of our interest and that's when we predict before watching. Yet we all know the film would be shit. Having said that, the one franchise which has managed to keep its game is Scream (1996) but that horror sets new grounds all together.
After watching five mindless and dull sequels i feel as if the next will be the same; that there is no hope in Halloween finding that pair of balls which it had taken from it in '82. Then came H20; One of the best horror sequels ever made!

When the news of H20 came around i thought there was no possible way they could ever create yet another back story behind Myers madness. Then came the stage were i discovered that H20 stood for "Halloween: 20 Years Later". Then that's when i started to get interested in this project. After the news of there being another sequel, gossip spread that Jamie Lee Curtis was resurrecting her character Laurie Strode for this installment. I predicted good for this film; and i was right.
H20 is the only real sequel to explode on our screens in ages as it is the only in a fair time that actually had a luring, smart and meaning story that the audience would both feel new too and remember. With Kevin Williamson's writing and Steve Miner's direction i knew it couldn't go wrong (even though Miner directed some crap in his day). Although the film didn't get the critical success as expected, i personally loved it and think its a Brilliant horror film and slasher flick.

H20 is filled to the tip of the pumpkin with surprising scares, unusual jumps, smart plot, meaning story and all-out entertainment. about 99.9% of horror films are filled with cliches and the same-old-same-old; but the beauty of H20 is that it explores new turf in the horror world and sets itself up in uncommon but possible and believable situations which are also the main source of fear. The opening is terrifying, the chase scenes are blood pumping and the ending is unexpected but is what the fans have been shouting for 20 years. I found no faults with this brill-thrill! even though i didn't give the film full marks it is still a favorite in my books. Definitely one sequel to watch!

VERDICT: After following five dull sequels we have been presented with a brilliant slasher that not only does the franchise justice, but it re-unites our fear and love we had with Carpenter's version and reminds us that the flame of Halloween hadn't quite burnt out yet. With its classy plot, against-cliche rules and surprise ending makes this one of the best horror sequels ever made. But, its still not quiet Carpenter.

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