18 Feb 2013

Short Review: HALLOWEEN II (1981)

MORE of the Night He Came Home..

A Sequel to a classic is always bad news and does tend to send the original story of track by inventing some ludicrous back story which would soon alter the entire franchise  This is exactly what this film does! Not only is the film not as strong and chilling as the first but it also introduced a back story for Michael s chasing of poor Laurie Strode, He is her brother! The film overall is fair, its nothing too special or unforgettable but it is a good attempt to maintain the thrills that was provided in the first. This entry is violent compared to the first, considering that they have more money but it does take away the magic of having a slasher flick minus the blood and gore but of course, slipping into trend is a phase all horror films go into as this will show. Its almost like a cat and mouse chase, Michael walks around a deserted hospital looking for his little sis but picks off nurses and doctors one by one, leaving the building empty for the two to have a little fun. A fair sequel overall.

VERDICT: Considered as a film alone its fair, but as a sequel to Halloween its below average. The film basically consists of recycled scares and a larger body-count. they earned the money to throw in a few blood spills and make-up effects but this proves that money does not always buy happiness as it didn't make a better sequel.

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