18 Feb 2013


Just No.

Halloween started off with power and really brought new material to the horror table in terms of scare and score. Its safe to say that Halloween was a ground breaking slasher that is a blueprint for horror films to come. With great comes poor, with Batman comes Robin, with Halloween came Halloween 2. Number 2 wasn't a complete failure to be fair as it did differ from the first and did add a nice little twist to intrege the audience that it failed to please. Lets just say it was a flop. But, what we never seen coming was the absolutely terrible entry that was to follow. Halloween 3 Season of the witch. Now before we go into the film just listen to the title; "Season of the Witch" Season of the Witch? Really? You Kill of Myers to start fresh and this is what you come up with? Its a joke! Right, were do i start with this catastrophic .. Well, its cheap, its ineffective  its drowzy, lazy, sloppy and scareless! These are a select few of many words to describe the flop! Lets say number three is a zone horror version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers; but is an Invasion of the Rubber turns real masks with Men in Black mixed with the Smiths from the Matrix. And that's not menchioning the attempt to homage Evil Dead. Its just down-right useless. Fair enough, the second film did kill of Myers but they could have came up with something better! for god sakes look how Friday the 13th managed, Jason was shot, stabbed  slashed, blown up and he still comes back for more straight-to-DVD sequels. So what was to stop Myers becoming that guy? Well for the future sequels he does but it still didn't stop the fact that this film will forever be considered a Halloween movie and will always be put alongside Myers moments.

VERDICT: Even though it was a follow up to nothing special they could have at least attempted to make this film a good watch or at least a decent one but instead we are stuck with a terrible durr film that has fuck all to do with Michael Myers which has a plot which was probably pulled from a hat and put in by a disabled person. The film could have worked but NOT with Halloween in the title.

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