18 Feb 2013


Resurrecting maybe isn't the best idea...
So apparently it is in the contract that Michael Myers can never be killed. That he should remain alive forever so there should be no more sequels as such as Season of the Witch which is the positive side of it; the negative side is the upbringing of Resurrection, the worst Myers sequel yet (including the remake and sequel). Fair enough they were legally not allowed to leave H20 as the last due to the be-heading of Myers so it was inevitable that there would be another sequel. However, i did not expect it to be this poor.
I'm sure that everyone has gathered the premise from the title; well that's were you would be wrong. Its called Resurrection, yet no resurrection takes place; There cannot be a resurrection without a death and who died, Michael Myers? Wrong. The plot for this failure is that Myers was never killed by Laurie; In fact it wasn't him who she got axe-happy with, it was a paramedic who's voice box was crushed by Myers in the school when he was pronounced dead. What puzzles me it how a paramedic can get out of a body-bag, me lunged from a van widow, be rammed with the van into a tree and still manage to live! Not only that but the paramedic was fat but he was obviously too stupid to remove the mask. Silly right?

Now back to the film. I originally thought that it would be Myers yet again after Laurie but again i got it wrong. Yes he does come after her in the mental hospital but that is at the beginning for ten lousy minutes! And to make matters worse they kill of the main victim and reason for all the trouble, Laurie Strode by giving her a knife to the back and dropping her from the roof of the building. Sad times. Come to think of it they did but Laurie out of her misery and stopped her from being i anymore sequels. But, what is the purpose if there is no more family members? That's were they tie in the plot.
So a group of dumb-ass teens go to stay in the Myers house for an online game show but what the idiots don't know is that Myers still roams the house. The general plot isn't all that bad and definitely could have been worse. To add insult to injury the cast includes both Busta Rhymes and Tyra Banks, the two hosts of the show. A new aspect added to the horror genre was the head-cameras all the characters have. It is quiet involving but can be really annoying at times, but the film's annoying in general so there's no shock there. There are death scenes that are poo such as being stabbed through the head whilst screaming, yet not one person hears the screams of the victim. They must all be def. The rest of the film from then plumage's to stupid ideas, bad acting and becomes utter scare-less. Actually the scariest part of the film is when Busta Rhymes does some Kung Fu on Michael's candy ass. Actually that part is just cringe.

VERDICT: Having to come back after such a powerful film was bad enough but to make it worse the entire film is just stupid. The title doesn't make sense, there are very little scares, the acting is poor and the outcome is just as bad as the beginning. Oh did i mention they killed of Laurie. Or maybe she killed herself because of the horror it would be to stay for the rest of the film. At least somebody made the right choice.

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