21 Feb 2013


Enjoyable Trash

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters... what do i say? hmm... Well, it's different. Ok in all seriousness now, so I just finished viewing the horror twist on a classic tale 'Hansel & Gretel' and i can safely say that this film is a mixed box. Imagine remixing films like 'The Witches', 'Van Helsing' and even add a little bit of Twilight in there and what is delivered is this, either so bad it's good flick or it's just an average film. I really don't know anymore.

Ok so the film starts by showing how little Hansel and Gretel grew up (basically showing their trauma getting captured by a witch in a candy house, and so on...) and then it goes to them preventing a woman getting hung for being a witch etc etc. Basically, the entire film is either a really boring and flawed explanation scenes and all that crap, and then the other half is filled with all-out hardcore horror action that looks as if it fell from right out of The Resident Evil 6 game. Don't get me wrong, the action scene's are enjoyable...to a certain extent until they become a little tedious, which happens quite frequently throughout the film. Oh well, what can you do. 

To be honest i'm not quite sure what to make of H&G, i know it had it's moments but, as much i hate to admit it, i actually kind of enjoyed myself. It was an adrenaline, blood pumping action fest that could have gave die hard a run for it's money (well, Die Hard 5 anyways). I am one of those horror fans that prefares a full-on horror film, not a sifi-horror, or in this case action-horror, like something that can be inventive, scary and enjoyable. But this just turned out to be enjoyable...barely. I can be a little tough when it comes to these types of film's but it hasn't got the grilling it quite deserves yet; reasons why, because i have to cut it some slack. It tried! did it succeed? no, not really but the director still gave it a shot and tried something different so for that reason i have to add a little bit of positivity for trying.

VERDICT: Hansel & Gretel, there is no denying as a film, you are pretty bad. With your poor plot, lack of narrative, flooding pointlessness and pro-longed tediousness; but i have to say, you were pretty god-damn enjoyable.

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