18 Feb 2013


Lesson's will be learned from this; Never have high expectations.

First things first, 'The House at the End of the Street' is a stupid title for a film that doesn't even have a street, its just house scattered around a forest. How original. Now, the next issue this film faced was calling itself a horror, when actually their is very little horror involved; teen thriller would be a better title for this twilight styled flick. The is just too bleak to keep me interested, for god sakes it takes a good hour for things to pick up and when they finally do it gets interesting; but its not soon till that interest just falls due to the repetitiveness and the so called "twist". If your going to put "a great twist" on the poster please actually make it a good twist and not one that is interesting at the reveal but then as the film goes on, you realize that the plot is just a tad silly. I'm not saying the film is bad because it really isn't  actually its a fair little watch; it has scares and it is slick but i really did expect it to be better than what is was. Still worth a watch.

VERDICT: even though this slick little flick has some interesting scares and a pleasing twist, it doesnt stop the film from falling flat through most of the film due to lengthy dialogue and lack of real horror. Actually the biggest question unanswered is "why House At The End of the Street?" why use a title that has no involvement in the film? Tsk...Tsk

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