19 Feb 2013

Short Review: [REC] 3: GENESIS (2012)

The Wedding Crashers

don't know why there is so much hatred for this film! Fair enough its not hand-held camera and its not based around the same subject. Who cares, that's a good thing! This film was a bold move but personally i think it paid of. The mix of hand-held and normal really made t feel more realistic instead of the whole "turn the camera off!" business, at least now we actually go to see all the action! The film is a completely new take on the zombie style and manages to make things comical whilst still trying to keep things serious. The gore is gorylicious and trashy and the style is somewhat comic book, different but in a good way. Fair enough some things were a little bizarre which have been carried on from the previous film. The whole religious aspect didn't cut well with me and really made me ask myself " why cant they just be normal zombies?" it worked well in the first film so why change now! All that aside it really is an enjoyable and entertaining take on the franchise, it may not be the best but by god is it the biggest blood-fest yet! All that is left to say is there's a scene with a drenched bride, a shiny chainsaw and a lot of zombies! Yes, that is awesome!

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