17 Feb 2013

'Scream 2' Review

Scream was a cult classic and a genre-changer in it's year and still remains to be known as the film that re-introduced slasher flicks and masked villains. The film brought on a whole new approach to the style of horror films and made a mockery of past horror films whilst managing the make the film cliche; but in a funny and entertaining way. The comedic film actually laughs at sequels and turns against them. But what's ironic is that the follow up Scream 2 does exactly that!Scream 2 starts a year after the first killing spree where Sidney is at college along with Randy and a few other friends. Gale has written a book on the Woodsboro's Murders and has become a hated fame seeker by Sidney and former police man Dewey. Of course the killer returns and starts to hack of kids in a fashionable form with meaning and purpose.Scream 2 is not what i expected. Its a fun comedic sequel that manages to bring something fresh to the table. The ending may be a bit obvious and the motive isn't new but it's still pleasing. Nobody expected this to be better than the first and it isn't but it is an excellent film alone and an impressive sequel compared to the first.On the comedic side of the film it's quiet satisfying due to the jokes on self-awareness; there is even a scene where film students including Randy have a discussion on movie sequels, the good and the bad, and this sequel would fit in the good along with The Godfather Part 2 and Terminator 2 and not with the bad. The gags are catchy and funny which enhances the freshness of this flick but it isn't as original as the first. 

The opening doesn't compare to the iconic Drew Barrymore scene but is very frightening and is something that has never been seen before in any horror film, but Scream is known for its approach on untouched but obvious situations. Scream 2 isn't perfect and isn't close to being either but it's new and its different and it manages to add something new along the way which hasn't been seen before which is good compared to every other horror sequel on earth. One of my favorite scenes has to be the extremely intense hide and seek scene between Gale and the Killer in the music studio. This scene is edge-of-your-seat entertainment and manages to surprise and shock in every second of that scene. The scene doesn't end as i would have expected (in a good way) but it's truly frightening and edgy. Another great aspect of Scream 2 is the is he or isn't he dead moments which involve characters such as Gale, Randy, Dewey and Sidney's new perfect bf Derek. But more than one of these characters don't make it, and its not obvious and is very shocking. Scream 2 sees the death of everyone's favorite Randy who doesn't even make it an hour in. His death is tragic, surprising, edgy and shocking which in his murder scene is all rolled into one. I was not impressed with the killing of Randy but it did remind me that this film is unpredictable. And it was.

VERDICT: Scream 2 doesn't compare to the first but is actually and excellent horror film alone. Surprisingly it doesn't follow in the same footsteps as the first and manages to keep it fresh and new, and at times the film shows scenes that have never been done before. Scream 2 is scary, its fun, is comedic and its truly shocking and surprising. The ending may not be top notch but the rest is close. I could easily call this one of the best horror sequels about.

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