17 Feb 2013

'Scream 3' Review

So after the success of Scream 2 the audience and I all expected this franchise to be over, especially at the fact that it would have ended with a bang and not a puff which was refreshing compared to 99% of all horror sequels. So 2 years later Scream 3 is announced and then was released. unfortunately the film didn't go down so well compared to the previous two but everyone expected it. The film was good on its own terms but compared to the other two its Resurrection to it's Halloween, The Part 5 to it's Friday The 13th, its useless compared to Kevin and Wes' directions.

Sidney has went in recluse and has changed her identity completely to hide from any unwanted psycho's who lives out in the middle of nowhere. Gale has become a famous reporter on TV along with Cotton in Hollywood whilst Dewey stays with a B-Lister from the hills. A Killer stalks the cast of Stab 3 and kills them in order they die in the movie, but there are three different scripts so no one knows which script the killer is copying from. That is basically it. The plot isn't actually that bad, in-fact it's quiet interesting and different, but it's too different for the Scream series who managed to pull off smart and basic and not inventive and cliched. Everything in the film is too Hollywood, even though the film is based in Hollywood; but that is not what the film series should be about! and that's not even mentioning the fact that Sidney has hallucinations about her dead mother chasing after her. I didn't like that part. The film at times is quiet silly and stupid with its "Mother's alive" plot and killer's magically disappearing. The cast is recognizable and quiet star-studded at times which actor's such as Patrick Dempsey, Jenny McCarthy and even Princess Laya from Star Wars. And the best part is the mocking of her own life.

 The comedy isn't gold but does get a few giggles from me. The scares aren't really scream scares and are more like gasp scares. The acting is good apart from Parker Posey who plays her character and a tad loopy; but i thought it added to the comedy. Nothing new is added to Scream 3 and is very cliched, even though the series is known doing what the mock, well i don't even think they were aware that they were making it cliche so it isn't all that enjoyable. There are also a lot of very boring investigation scenes which are not necessary and really drain or attention. i feel like i have spoken poorly about Scream 3 and i made out that i didn't lie it but i do! i enjoyed it at times and i personally think that it's an interesting good film. Despite the bad twist at the end i think that it's a step above a lot of horror's but is also a few steps below the following two films. Good attempt Scream 3.

VERDICT: Even though its no Scream 1 or 2 i still think it's a good film on it's own terms. Its smart and and slick but most times it's silly with it's "I see Dead People" plot and dumb motive but in some ways it's a good thing such as Parker Posey's performance. Alongside the previous two it's a poor sequel but alone, Scream 3 is a good film and an average ending to the trilogy. Little did it know Scream 4 was to come... 

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