17 Feb 2013

'Scream 4' Review

Director: Wes Craven
Writer: Kevin Williamson
Stars: Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, David Arquette, Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere

After leaving for 11 Years, Sidney Prescott returns to Woodsboro to promote her self-help book, and during her stay bodies start to drop on the anniversary and Sydney along with new suspects find themselves new on Ghostface's plan.

It has been over 10 years since we last seen the departure of one of the most loved and iconic serial killers Ghostface who's work came to an end in the year 2000 after a shit-load of murders done by 5 killers. Seeing the end of Ghostface also brought the end to everyone's favorite little victim Sidney along with Dewey and Gale who all happened to make it through three films and five killers without dying (even though Dewey had found himself injured in more than one occasion). Shortly after the end of the Scream Trilogy we were all aware that a fourth was not coming out, so us horror fans prepared ourselves for the worst generation of horror films ever. The name 'Horror' would immediately make us think of masked serial killers and sharp weapons, but the name Horror soon lost it's meaning and became commonly known for films such as Paranormal Activity, Saw Spoofs. Horror was dead. Many actually enjoyed the new horror to hit the big screens and such films became favorites; but what is so enjoyable about watching random people getting brutally killed in weird and inventive ways? Actually that can be fun but films like 'Saw' are not. Torture Porn is boring, it's the same crap over and over, and no matter how many sequels flop they still come back with the same shit with a different name! Like Come on! Is this really what Horror is about? NO! For those who didn't like Torture Porn got the Ghost flicks. Yawn. Fair enough, Paranormal Activity is frightening and a definite watch but all those other low-budget wannabe's make me physically sick there so bad. This was the perfect time to bring slasher back into Horror, and the perfect way to do this was to make Scream 4 (SCRE4M).

Scream 4 is a funny, enjoyable, smart and scary little flick that not only brings us back to what we all knew and loved but also re-introduces new horror trends that have never be seen or done in Horror films before. Alot of critic's looked at Scream 4 very negatively in a way that it was too cliched and it's the same recycled crap but actually it isn't all that, in-fact the self-awareness of the cliche (C)'s and that they are doing them are fun and humorous; that' the point and getting back to basics is bad at all; yes the film may seem unoriginal at times but at least it brings back elements that we loved about the first in 1996. Scream 4 isn't the best sequel (Scream then Scream 2 then Scream 4 then last is Scream 3) and isn't a ground-breaking masterpiece but it has soul and it has purpose unlike 90% of horror films today. It manages to successfully pull of comedy, scare and twist all in one which is a rare thing to find.

What made Scream so iconic was their opening sequences such as Drew and the Phone-call and Jada in the cinema, but this opening is just as good if not better than the previous openings with it's multiple bluffs and unexpected scenes and not to mention the several cameo appearances! Very enjoyable.
After the opening the film does get a little lazy and starts to slack with it's re-introducing and backgrounds which does get a bit boring and loses interest but soon after comes the horrifying death of Olivia (Jill and Kirby's friend) who is ripped open by Ghostface whilst her friends watch from the house next door. Shocking right? After the film manages to keep up the interest by killing of somebody else nearly every 15 minutes.

The characters are extremely likable and relatable, they come across as typical teens with a humorous side but we are reminded at times that one of them could be the killer. Personal favorite would be the sexy movie geek Kirby who is played by Hayden who does a great performance playing the character (especially in the movie quiz scene to save her friend's life). We also see the return of the couple, Dewey and Gale who's lives have changed for the better and the worse. Many speculated if Sidney, Gale or Dewey were to be killed in this sequel and in-fact they didn't, although both Gale and Sidney both came close to biting the dust (Dewey managed to stay safe in this entry, that's a first)
Scream 4 is scary and extremely surprising with its gasping twist which i think was the biggest shock out of the four films. The twist is slick and sharp and reminds us that we need to expect the unexpected at all times. The killer's motive makes sense and involves alot of today's generation and the technology. But even though the film introduces new ground it still manages to obtain the rule of remakes which is played a lot in number 4. I have to end this with the best line of the film; "First rule of Remakes, Don't Fuck with the Original!" Scream 4, I loved you!

VERDICT: Although Scream 4 brings little new to the table it still manages to entertain us and surprise us every-time. Scream 4 is a scary, smart and twisted sequel which plays a good game in shocking the audience, scaring the audience and bluffing the audience. To me, that's a sign to a perfect re-introduction to a iconic series and the perfect slasher to the horror genre. Although it's not the best sequel of the four, i can safely say that Scream 4 is the best Horror of 2011.

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