18 Feb 2013


A Dry Sequel to a Dry Franchise
It has been a long time since Silent Hill first came around, and to be honest, it wasn't the best. Actually, it would be appropriate to say that it was one big monster-mess of a movie. So bringing out a sequel wasn't have been the best option; but saying that, if the sequel was released directly after the first I would imagine it to have been worse than it already is. So luckily for fans of Silent Hill, the sequel had time to build, and clearly all that time was wasted on finding some new way to come up with a story, and shockingly what they came up with was garbage. After they thought of that rough-drafted plot, they then think of what monsters to but in, and them being the inventive type they decided to keep most of them from the first, and add two more. How inventive. Putting it to you bluntly, the film was a good as a punch in the face. Ok, it wasn't that bad so I think it would be appropriate to say its one drag of a movie. 

Why the studio agreed to do a sequel is beyond me, it's obvious the only people screaming for this film was the die-hard fans, and there is even very little of them left after they all gave up on the first film. If you were a fan of the game this messy little horror might be worth a watch but I'd not promise anything. Despite having very little positive to say about Revelations, what I can say is that it is visually impressive, and the effect on the monsters (the mannequin spider in-particular) was pretty impressive, but depending on this alone to impress the audience simply did not work. I felt as if I was watching a real life game, but not in the sense that it was extremely frightening and suspenseful, but in the way it feels when you have the controller taken of you and then played by an 8-year old, it just didn't work. The film just feels like a 'go here, monster. Go there, monster. Oh look, another monster' type of horror flick, it was flat. To be honest, the worst part of the film apart from the stale acting is the messy, muddled plot that still, even after it had ended, felt unexplained. Actually, that's how the film felt in general. It didn't make sense, and to make matters worse, there was never a point of the film were anything made sense. It was just one big pointless game adaptation. It's never a good sign when the trailers that are played before hand have a better narrative than the film you've paid to see. The best part of the film though, is that there is no sign of another Silent Hill to come. There's one thing the film got right. 

VERDICT: Silent Hill: Revelations is one of those films that rely too much on one good aspect (the visuals). If it had focused more on the narrative then it wouldn't have had the problem of being one big mess of a movie. It's neither scary nor fun; actually, it's quite tedious and frequently annoying. The poster reads "Don't go to Silent Hill" which may be the only thing this film's got right. Don't worry... I won't be re-visiting it anytime soon.

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