18 Feb 2013

Review: SINISTER (2012)

Scariest Movie of 2012?
Sinister, starring Ethan Hawks is about a crime author who bases his books on real events move him and his family to a cheap house in a town were various murders occurred by unidentified people; he moves there to discover the truth about the murders and who it was that committed them, but in him doing this he digs up some frightening and disturbing footage. 

So, story alone, Sinister sounds like a decent little horror flick and indeed it is. Even though it has it's tendencies to fall into repetition and doesn't deliver 100% genuine scares but it is a film that is well worth a look. Now, as you horror fanatics will know there is very little horror films released this year that scare an audience, in fact I cant think of any which had actually scared me since the year had began. Fair enough, we got to see 'The Cabin in the Woods' and '[Rec] 3 Genesis' but none of which had actually affected my thought whilst lying in bed; so this is where Sinister makes its mark. Even though I've prepared myself for the upcoming Paranormal Activity 4 as the previous entries impressed me with their scares I still have a strong feeling that Sinister just may be the scariest film of the year; I'll not hold my breath on it but im 75% positive I'll be correct. 

There is a clear indication even before the scares are poured onto the screen in many different shapes and forms that the scares are well thought of and not just thrown in any old place to make an audience happy and it's that planning and timing which makes the scares so effective. From start to finish we are bombarded with various ways to scare; for example, Sinister tries to scares us by throwing a snake in the mix, along with a scorpion, a creepy villain, moving pictures and loud noises. It never really scares us with false scares rather that genuine ones, but the real scares are... to say the least, Really Scary! Despite having very little true horror the film manages to keep us engaged. I'm not going to lie, but if any other film tried to full this off it would collapse right to the grave. Its Sinister's creepy plot that keeps things balanced and effective; especially through the sadistic, freaky child-snatcher they call Mr. Boogie whose screen-time is limited, but the less they showed him the scarier he was. I almost wish we got a better glimpse of the villain but then again we would get to familiar with him and his fear factor would decrease; actually if it wasn't for the whole "Mr.Boogie" concept this film would have been another 'try-hard' ghost flick like 'The Pact', and all I can say there is thank god it wasn't! 

VERDICT: Despite the film bringing very little new to the table whilst working a tad much on clichés it was still an effective horror that wasn't stingy on scares, that had an effective twist and a down-right terrifying villain; all of which are an ingredients to making one of the best ghost flicks this year has seen so far.

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