17 Feb 2013

Short Review: STITCHES (2012)

Stitches Gets the Bitches

Stitches overall fails as a film, but worthy of the top grade for a student film, because to be honest, the whole film just feels and looks as if a film student completed this for their yearly grade. It's extremely amateur, in the format that it's cliched, its bland, it's poorly acted and its a bit of a drag; despite lasting at a mediocre 80 minutes. The only thing that makes this film watchable is it's extremely inventive, bizarre and interesting deaths that befall the talent-less teens (intestine balloon dogs, pumping a head full of air until explosion and even booting a head off), but as every horror fan knows, depending only on gore to entertain your audience is not the way to go. So here is a little tip for you Stitches, if you want to make a good film, make sure it has an acceptable plot, a good villain, and most of all, enough horror moments to even call it a horror because right now, it's on big joke of a movie.

VERDICT: The most unfortunate thing about this film is that it has many good and inventive ideas at hand, but when it comes to the delivery, it just turns out to be a bigger mess than scooped brains.

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