17 Feb 2013

Short Review: THE ABC'S OF DEATH (2013)

How the murder the alphabet

First of all, let me just start off by saying this is the furthest thing from a horror. They shouldn't call this a horror when about 4 of the stories of the alphabet contained some horror moments; but that's the height of it. It would be more precise to call this a sketch show, NOT a horror. Never before has there ever been an opportunity wasted as much as this! When V/H/S came around we were all so intrigued, probably because of its freedom, so for ABC to get an even larger opportunity for its director's to go tit's mental, but instead they send pathetic, tedious, thoughtless, lazy blood sequences that only brings emotion to audiences through killing animals, children and naked people. Please, if your looking for a horror stop right there! but if your looking to take the piss out of a film here's the one for you.

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