16 Feb 2013

Short Review: THE COLLECTION (2012)

Quite a Collection you got there...

'The Collection' is the sequel to the saw-styled horror 'The Collector' that took aspects of torture porn and molded it into a fresh enjoyable gore-fest that appealed mostly to hardcore horror fans and not to many others. I liked it so to me that's all that matters. 'The Collection' is an improvement from its proceed-er  It thinks it's adding something new to the genre but really, it's not. In fact, this sequel feels more like a recycle than a proper sequel. It keeps most of the aspects from the first and mixes them with elements of saw, so technically the film series is starting to loose its originality and is replacing it with torture cliche. But that doesn't mean its a bad thing really, the truth is that this sequel is better, more captivating, gorier, and more inventive with deaths than the first which does clearly make it the better film but taking a different root (if it was possible) could have been this films biggest success, and proof comes from the first 15minutes from the film which is defiantly the best part of the film. The cinematography is effective, the characters are likable and the villain is truly menacing  It may not be the best horror film of the year but its different from most of the ghost crap so for that reason, the film gets extra brownie points

VERDICT: Although this sequel lacks the originality from the first and replaces it with 'Saw' cliche, it still builds the enjoyabilty factor with its inventive traps, superb opening and menacing villainDefiantly an improvement on its proceed-er.

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