17 Feb 2013

Short Review: THE COTTAGE (2008)

Another Brit-Hit that shouldn't go a miss

British horror is big, yes you do get the lock of stinkers but it is the same nation that give birth to Shaun of the Dead, The Descent, and even 28 Days later. Unfortunately The Cottage wouldn't fit in among st the best bunch as Britain Best but its a horror that proves the nation can still deliver originality and wit. I'm not going to rant on about how great and gory it is because at times I questioned myself on what type of film I was watching, and I don't think the film quite knows what it is either, nor does the director. The first act is a total slow-burner; all about character development  wit and build-up, which could be seen as a positive thing except from the fact it becomes a real drag and a little tedious. The second act is were the horror begins, and as gloriously gory and fun it is, it's doesn't quite live up to what it was presented to be. It's fun but its not fantastic, there just wasn't enough horror to carry it through to the horror genre, but there is no doubt that this was a fun and comedic ride with a few scares, lots of blood and lovable characters.

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