23 Feb 2013

Review: THE DARKEST HOUR (2012)

A Dark Hour and a Half...
Where have alien film's gone you've wondered... what happened to the alien sub-genre? did it just die away? was it because 90% of alien films where useless? I think so. So bringing back the alien sub-genre felt quite refreshing, until I seen what it was returning too, then i realized it has to stay as far away from planet earth as possible.

The Darkest Hour was an early 2012 release that tries to re-brand the sub-genre into something fresh and new. Except, the thing is, i have never experience a more ridiculous alien film ever! Yes, i'm aware how stupid that sounded saying how its a ridiculous alien film because all alien films are ridiculous  but this one just takes the absolute biscuit. What is it that makes it so dire you ask? well maybe it's because these thing travel in electrical pulses! Come on seriously! you try to re-introduce alien flicks and that's what you come up with? Please Mr.Director, what ever your head is telling you, DON'T listen to it!
To be honest, it was a pity, simply because it started off so well and very interesting and then it just slipped into a dire, tedious mess. The film began in an interesting fashion, it was fun, it was cool, i liked it. Then, they just drag it out and keep dragging it until we are left to feel any emotions, no enjoyment, no emotion for characters, not intensity; just a mass bunch of people sitting staring at the screen like zombies. Fair enough, it was fresh to see a disaster movie in a location other than London, Paris or New York, but this positive element alone couldn't save this film. Nothing could, unless Ridley Scott took over, and we all know he would vomit putting his name to this mess. There isn't much i can say about a film that i switched my brain off in order to watch. But, what i can say is to give this one a miss.

VERDICT: The re-branding of the alien sub-genre clearly did not go as planned because The Darkest Hour is a dire experience. It's lackluster, tedious, poorly executed with weak effects. The only possible way to enjoy this film is to switch your brain off, and let the Hour and a Half drag past.

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