18 Feb 2013

Short Review: THE HILLS RUN RED (2008)

Wrong Turn meets The Cottage

To tell this film as simply as possible it is 'Scream' meets "wrong turn". Me saying this doesn't give any indication whether or not i liked this straight-to-DVD slasher flick, with my taste in horror i probably shouldn't have as it's one of those films that cut things too short but surprisingly i liked it. I know for a fact i didn't like it for it s lack of character development or real meaning but i did like it for it's slick, sadistic and twisted form. Whats best about this film is it's constant awareness of cliche an how it plays against them, building pleasant meta humor in which the audience can relate to. it also plays against audience expectations by constantly throwing twist after twist in my different forms which manage to keep things fresh and engaging which is surprising for a slasher film (and hasn't been seen since 'Scream'). Is this film as good as 'Scream'? HELL NO! does it manage to collect some of its impressive elements? of course! and it is that slickness that makes the film so enjoyable. 

VERDICT: it may lack true originality and cuts things a little too short but this slasher film has many good aspects that make it enjoyable; its scary, its slick, its smart and indeed twisted and it has one scary-ass killer with a bad attitude and an imaginative appearance, this is defiantly one slasher flick i would advice a fan of Scream or Wrong Turn to watch.

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