19 Feb 2013

Review: THE PACT (2012)

I'll make a Pact not to watch this again...

The Ghost Genre has somehow found it's way back into the horror spotlight and has became the most popular source for new horror films. When the thought 'Ghost flick' comes into our heads we immediately think of Classic such as Paranormal Activity. Many had followed the path that had left by making a ghost movie and making it in the style of hand-held camera. The Pact is one of a few ghost flicks of 2012 or even one of a few that made it to cinema's; even though The Pact is as bad as many that couldn't make it to the big screen. In fact, It almost deserves to go straight to DVD.
The Pact is the same old shit that has been recycled and doesn't do much to change so but when the film reaches it's near end we are revealed to a plot that is a different approach but it is also a little silly and hard to figure immediately. Actually the film would have you more confused than scared and that's the honest truth. When watching the trailer we see a good few scares that are to be seen in the film, but when it comes to watching the film you realize that the scares shown on the trailer are actually the only scares in the film. Actually I wouldn't even call them scares. You would get more entertainment from watching the trailer than watching the film.
Ugh, besides the end plot the film is basically the same crap that is shown in every other ghost film in the past couple of years, and with The Pact, it doesn't even try to change to cliche's to make them it's own. What annoyed me about the film was the constant stupidity of the character in the film and her need to return to the house straight after her escape due to the spirits of the dead having a little fun with her. What i love about horror films is when they drop the typical cliche's and act along with the audience by doing what we are shouting at the screen (e.g. by running out of a haunted house and never going back instead of going back to look for reasons). In The Pact, the character does completely the opposite of what the audience is shouting and follows the annoying cliche's that ruin nearly every horror film. To make matters worse the film was far from entertaining and far from frightening like most critic's said it was. Bullshit! but then again you can never listen to what critic's think because most of the time there wrong. I think it's safe to say it was worth a watch on the internet but no way would i ever pay money to see such a silly film such as this.

VERDICT: The Pact is one of those horror films which thinks it can get by without intelligence by the use of scares, but actually the film lacked scare so the film I watched was both an un-scary and unintelligent experience. It's stupid, it's totally unoriginal and it lacks intelligence which makes the film to be a big heep of horror crap on the horror lane in the DVD shop. If your thinking of watching The Pact, you'd e best watching the trailer as that is a hell of a lot scarier than the film itself.

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