17 Feb 2013



What sucks the most about Resident Evil video game adaption is that it removes all the elements that makes the game so iconic, and replace them with cheesey dialogue, poor excuses for action scenes and pure ridiculousness. To make a Resident Evil film and make it have the bare minimum to do with the games is just an offense to RE fans everywhere!


Ok, i'll start off by saying that i liked the way they based this sequel closer to the game adaptions, because let's face it, every RE fan always wanted to know what Jill Valentine from RE3 looked like. Basing the film in Raccoon City sounds better than the film's delivery; trust me when saying this, Apocalypse could have been presented in a much stylish and interesting way; but instead is constantly blurry in the action and frequently slowed down or sped up. How annoying.


Extinction is an improvement on its previous entry which could be seen as a better thing, not because they make more but because if they are to make more they can only get better...i think. Well, in saying this, it's not a good film by any means; it's basically all the same as the ones before except with more splashes of ridiculous and a little more action.


This film is as necessary as Jason X was to the Friday the 13th series. RE: Afterlife proves that this film series CAN get get even more ridiculous and still not manage to provide decent and plausible film or even action entertainment.


Now, we have all sat through four sequels of pure averageness, the Resident Evil film franchise has never been a favourite due to its silly plots, its over-the-top action and its down-right rediculous twists. To me, the films wer just an hour and a half of a game. Retribution is just the same, but the difference here is that the action is pumping, the violence is constant and its fast fun. I would never normally enjoy a film thats action is non-stop but its the different elements that is brought to each fight scene which makes it watchable. Actually, its almost like action scenes from each game were squashed together, and was named Retribution. I think the whole concept of the film itself interested me with its reintroduction of new characters, its large lanscapes and its multi-lifed alice. At times the action did get a little tired, the slow motion became quite annoying and the poor effects really let the film down; actually parts of the film didnt even make sense, but maybe thats just me. Keeping the action really game-like did not work and was too over-the-top to take seriously, turning the action down a bit wouldnt have been all that bad, actually it probably would have been better. One advice to you is to get your popcorn and snacks at the very start of the film cause the opening is a slow-motion, back to front version of what is about to happen five minutes later in the film. Pointless much? If you haven't got your food by then, there's no point cause you'l most likely miss something.

VERDICT: Retribution, having been the fifth film is actually the best of them all due to its pulse-pounding non-stop action which does get a little tired at times but is mostly an enjoyable ride, despite its game like ways. The film is miles from brilliant but if your a fan of the games you should like this. Well, if you liked Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon city, this film should go down a treat.


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