23 Feb 2013


Rick’s gang rescue Daryl, but the Governor is left standing. Both sides regroup and plan their next move, but an unexpected visitor throws everything into chaos.

So far on The Walking Dead has been fast-paced, exciting, and extremely unpredictable. So it's return i would would imagine to be heart-stoppingly intense. So it returned to our screens with this episode 'The Suicide King' which may have captured more viewers than ever but didn't come near taking 'Best Episode of Season 3' in-fact, it would have been one of the duller episodes. of course seeing the return of this show was exciting enough and i was aware that the returning episodes are only to rebuild what happened before and get the audience familiar with what's going on once again, so as expected the episode isn't all that exciting. Nothing really happened in this episode apart from Glenn getting a little to foot-happy when it came to kicking a zombies head in which was, very gory. Good stuff. It runs at an average pace and reminds us of why we hate Carl (trying to take lead.. go away and die child). I know it's an awful thing to want a kid to die in a show like this, but if they can kill of Sophia then they can do the same for Carl, and the sooner they do it the better. There were a few moments where it really proved my dedication to a few characters; like when  Daryl leaves I wasn't happy.. actually, i could hear every TWD fan scream "NOOOO!!!!" because let's face it, everyone loves Daryl. Yes it may have been a calm episode but it was clear that with every calm, comes a storm and the next episode was sure to deliver that.
I knew not to expect much from this episode but it was pretty good. I could complain more about it, but it's the Walking Dead and... i Love The Walking Dead!

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