23 Feb 2013


The one where... Rick looses his sanity, Glenn takes lead and and someone bites the dust.

The Walking Dead Season 3 returned last week with a pretty standard but nothing special episode that was the first since the mid-season finale. From past experience the re-opening episode isn't normally as good as the rest, and that episode proved my point. Which only means one thing... the next episode is to blow the doors down! which it didn't. TWD never has a bad episode, that's a fact, but they do deliver the odd stinker or two, but the episode that follows is always a smacker. 'Home' isn't no smacker by any means but it does provide a little bit of shock and surprise. I don't know what it is about this show but when the group are attacked i never know who will be next to die, and i'm always surprised by the outcome. This episode caught me by surprise. About 40 minutes of 'Home' ironically was a bit laid-back, there wasn't much going on, it was mostly about Daryl and Merle's journey together which was good but nothing memorable or all that fascinating  Until... out of nowhere gun fire breaks loose and the entire crew's lives are put in danger. This all occurs after the surprise and sudden death of  Axel. Who's Axel you say? that prisoner guy who had the hots for Carol? yeah him. His death was as as sad as the death of T-Dog's, and considering that fact that he died in the same episode as Lori, that just says it all. After his death it's an all-out gun show from then on, but what was best about that moment was the element of the unknown. I didn't know who was going to die next. Carol who was using Axel's body as a shield, Hershel who was laying in the open surrounded by walkers, Maggie who was running in the open, wasting her ammunition or Carl who, unfortunately never died even though all he had was a pathetic handgun hiding behind a wall. It was pretty intense, and pretty interesting. So as-per-usual the episode ended in a cliff hanger to keep all TWD fans interested. Roll on next week.

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