19 Feb 2013

Review: THE WOMAN IN BLACK (2012)

Harry Potter Goes Ghost Hunting
The Critically acclaimed ghoul horror didn't go down quiet a treat as i had expected and had been told. The Woman in black is scary and very much jumpy but isn't all that fascinating or new. To be fair, the film slips quickly to a walking pace and remains that standard throughout from the middle of the film; in fact the film from the 15 minute scare-fest in the middle to the end is boring. Daniel Redcliffe is a widowed father who cares for his past wife and his son. He travels for his job and has to stay in a house which the locals call haunted by a woman who killed the local children due to the loss of hers, but the 'Woman in Black' has returned and is killing off kids one by one and the blame is put on Redcliffe. Typical Potter.
The Woman in Black is a film of understanding and mystery. It's not a no-brainer or a masterpiece puzzle and the twist isn't all that good as it's obvious but there is a smart vibe that seeps from the film. Horror films aren't all about the scares. Many would disagree but horror films are also about the enjoyment and the intensity involved; to me it's about the standard of intensity in chase scenes. The Woman in Black is the type of horror which is go here, Walk there, Run to the door, Discover the truth type of horror which doesn't appeal to me, especially if the film is set in the late 18 and late 19 hundreds.

The Pace of the film is very slow and makes the experience a drag. Very little actually makes you sit on the edge of your seat, apart from the odd "What's behind the door" moment. It's boring, it's tedious, it's an unappealing watch. TWIB has potential and with that it made some frightening work but most of it was wasted on lengthy discovery scenes and blame-game dialogue. I would say it's worth a rent but if not a fan on Redcliffe like me then the thought is unappealing; and ironically, so is the film.

VERDICT: If your a fan or slasher and gore then this Hammer horror is certainly NOT for you. The Woman in Black is a boring experience which pace is slower than a carage ride. The Film is has it's moments and delivers a few good scares but all that is over-looked by how boring the film can become and it is until then you realise that the lengthy explanations are far from entertaining. I definetly wouldn't rush to see the film but a rent wouldn't hurt; Unless you hate Harry Potter.

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