18 Feb 2013

Short Review: TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL (2011)

Hill-billies vs. Evil... Evil vs. Teens

What makes Tucker & Dale vs. Evil so. Brilliant is its constant play on horror cliche's, in fact, it turns that many cliches on its head that it makes you unsure what the story is actually about. The film may contain lots of blood guts and glory but I wouldn't necessarily call this a slasher film as such as there is no real villian in this film but it would defiantly fall under the sub-genre of being a Bromance horror which is most recognisable in horrors such as 'Shaun of the Dead'. There is no denying that this is one of the most original horrors of 2011 or even in the past decade; its filled to the tip top of gore, fun and all-out entertainment that should be enjoyed and loved by every type of horror fan, or film fan for that matter. Welcome to one of the best horrors of 2011.

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