18 Feb 2013


4 Wrong Turn's don't make a Right.

This lengthy franchise has been through a lot; from being frightening and Brilliant, to gory and mindless. When thinking there could be no more to this dead franchise after installment number three basically finished it off. I was surprised to here that there was a fourth one; and when I say surprise I mean shock surprise that the franchise was still in for the kill despite the previous entry being a complete disaster, but then that meant the fourth entry couldn't have been much worse; and luckily, I was right. 
Listen, in not saying the film was good because believe me, it was far from it, but at least and got right back on its two feet and marched on. It may not have been the smartest move to make but it was a brave one; but if the audience want it, then they'll make it (which is the case for Scream 4, Silent Hill: Revelations and Texas Chainsaw 3D). 
Now, where to start... well, first things first, the film is gory. There happens to be more guts spilling and blood splashing than there is story and sense. To put it bluntly, it's a brainless slasher flick that offers very little story and to much stupidity. It thinks that violence is the key to a good horror; well sorry to tell you WR4 but that is clearly NOT the case! Okay, there are a few moments here and there that are truly disturbing and very sadistic, especially from the impressive opening sequence, but unfortunately the rest of the film simply becomes a gory, meaningless lesbian fest which might come of interest to Gothic lesbians to like the taste of human flesh. And if that's the only category that this tedious horror falls into then no one will like it; and that may already be the case. This whole cannibal charade has basically gone down hill. What started with films like 'The Hills Have Eyes' and 'Cannibal Holocaust' has now disintegrated to sleazy gory trash. And to be honest, I can't see this sub-genre getting any better, and Wrong Turn 4, is just another nail to the cannibal horror's grave. 

VERDICT: Jumping back on track and reviving the franchise once again did not prove that there is still life in the old franchise, but proved that it's barely got a pulse. It's filled with useless dialogue, hateful characters and spilled innards from start to finish, thus presenting itself as nothing more than sleazy trash. Well, it could have been worse... It could have been Wrong Turn 3. Oh well, at least the franchise is getting better...

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