12 Mar 2013


SHORT REVIEW - Chernobyl has a good plot with a flawed delivery

There has been alot of down-put towards Chernobyl Diaries when actually, the film is quiet chilling. Yes it is from the same makers of Paranormal activity and yes, it isn't near as good as it but Chernobyl Diaries has soul and really has its finger on the pulse of intense fear. I'm not saying this film was excellency because it wasn't  it had its faults and plenty of them but looking past the lengthy introductions and chatter, the scenes that are meant to be scarier were done with justice. Throughout the film i was tortured by the hidden identity of the creatures/humans and was dying to see what it actually was that was hunting the group; but by the time we actually find out it turns out to be an anti-climax. Not going to lie, i was hoping it would be some mutated villagers or spider-like creatures but it was neither. The final 20 mins or less is basically members of the groups running and running and running, get picked of one by one. Although it brings quiet an adrenaline rush it also becomes a little tired until it is put to rest by a surprising yet flawed ending.

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