10 Mar 2013

Review: COMEDOWN (2013)

Talk about a film that 'comes down' before your very eyes.

Comedown, a late 2012 slasher from the director of 'Kidulthood'. Have i seen Kidulthood? No. Do i want to see Kidulthood? Not after watching this pile of garbage. Comedown is an urban based slasher about a group of teens who party in a dilapidated apartment building off of London. As expected they started getting picked off one by one by someone else who is in the building, who happens to live there so knows the in's and out's of the building. The mysterious man traps them in the building so they can't escape and so he can pick them off one by one. Cliche you say? Please, what gave you that idea... 

Yeah so i think i have the right to say that not only is this an early contender for Worst Horror Film of the Year, but i can also say that it's in the running for Worst Slasher of the Decade. Let's journey through the good and bad of the film shall we...

The Good: Hmmm... Well i can safely say it pains me to try and remember what i liked about the film because this was one boring and cliched 85 minutes that i will never get back. Ok in all fairness, it have to give it credit for its style, the entire film has this grimey urban look and feel to it which is unusual when it comes to slasher flicks, so in that aspect it's a good thing. For a film with a low budget (i'm assuming from the laughable effects) it's very sick, so anyone who is a fan of The Collection or Saw might find this pleasing, as it is quite sick and a little twisted. Moving on.

The Bad: Where do I start! Right, firstly, it has to be one of the most Cliched slashers i have seen in quite some time. I mean, i lost count of how many times i have seen "the hard man" wonder off alone thinking he can take the killer on alone, then die. I don't know how many times i've seen a girl hide from the killer, and then when she "thinks he's gone" she tries to escape, just to run into the killer who is standing right by her door. I mean who writes this crap! You would think maybe the writer and director would try and do something different, but instead they went and bought 'The Horror Book of Cliches' and then decided to come up with Comedown. Seriously, i have had enough with these types of films. To save my time from talking anymore about this crap i will quickly go through all the problems with Comedown. Here i go... It has terrible effects, and when i mean terrible, i mean TERRIBLE; never before has someone falling from a building looked so god damn ridiculous. The acting from certain characters is as stale as the film itself. The concept is poor on many levels,  The characters are a mix between extremely hateful and just plain annoying. Oh, speaking of annoying, that's what the film is, an hour and a half of just pure annoyance. And to end it all of, it is putting a bad name to the country that brought us 28 Days and Weeks Later, Attack The Block and Shaun of the Dead.

VERDICT: The best way to describe this film is to say it's an annoying by-the-numbers slasher that fails in nearly every way possible in making a decent horror flick. Its a tedious, boring, run of the mill slasher that doesn't deserve  a viewing, as it will only waste a precious hour and a half which you could spend watching on something well worth your time. If you have the chance, Please avoid this trash at all cost.

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