12 Mar 2013

Review: I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE (2011)

SHORT REVIEW - The torture porn sub-genre goes slack.

As much as I wanted to sit down and be completely disturbed and amazed at the same time that just didn't happen unfortunately.  You can see that the director was trying to create an ending intensity but it just didn't work, and even when the helpless 'final girl' gets her revenge it still doesn't quite satisfy; maybe its just because it fells quite generic or maybe the fact that there wasn't enough character development for us to care for this girl, but whatever it was it didn't work. The first act was edgy and quite disturbing but as soon as it launched into the revenge sequences it just feels lazy and was extremely ineffective, almost like a sequel to 'Saw'. There was no enjoyment from this film, making it an hour and a half of just bland torture porn.

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