15 Mar 2013

Review: LOVELY MOLLY (2012)

A Wasted Opportunity.

Lovely Molly, 2012's horror from the same guy who brought the Classic found-footage horror The Blair Witch Project is a lot of things... one of them, being an unfortunate waste. When i say an unfortunate waste i mean that its a film that had potential, but was ruined, i don't quite know by what, but it was.

The Good: Well, i'm not going to say there wasn't good moments in this film just because i didn't like it because in fact Lovely Molly did have a few moments that had me intrigued and one or two WTF moments. Ok so what i actually liked the most which is rare for a horror was the ending, i didn't care much for the very end of the film but the last five minutes were subtly bonkers, which really freaked me out (SPOILERS!!!!!) it was just the way she walks away and before you know it, BAM there's a tall man with some mutated horse ram head with glowing eyes watching her. I'm fully aware it sounds silly but the way that creature-man thing just stood there whilst Molly walked to it really freaked me out, and if that thing was shown earlier on in the film i would have wanted to watch it even more!
The film was a little nasty at times and had the odd twist and turns but there was nothing major involved. The scene were she is watching herself getting raped by the ghost at her work was pretty sick but was nothing to provoke nightmares; in fact most of the film was like that (apart from the ending which i have already mentioned).

The Bad: Yeah well i think its safe to start off by saying that if your a fan of gore and guts, you won't like this, if your a slasher fan, you won't like this, if your one of those horror fans (like me) that LOVE when a film is extremely enjoyable, then this film is certainly not for you. It's mature in it's delivery, which isn't necessarily a bad thing but it's far to serious for its own good and for what it has the right to be. Whats possibly the worst thing about Lovely Molly is that it sets up and unsettling, dark, psychological tale that falls flat on it's delivery. It had the chance to be something memorable and haunting, but instead it has just become a generic, lack luster tale of a girl haunted by her dead father. There's nothing new here, despite what the plot promises; one you've seen one you've seen them all is what i say, and this is the perfect case of something being similar to the rest, similar the all the other serious ghost flicks.
It's a slow burner, there's very little real horror involved which was probably intentional for the director and writers but it's just not interesting enough to keep hold of our attention. When watching it you can see what there trying to do, which is show the loss of sanity in the Molly character, which works but you can't base an entire film on that aspect alone, and when you do the result looks like this.

VERDICT: Lovely Molly can be ambitious at times and proves that it has potential, but when a film with a good plot is diluted by dull moments, ineffective scenes and an unsatisfactory delivery, you will most likely have a result like Lovely Molly, 2012's most unfortunate event.


  1. I watched this, I know I did, but I can't really remember much about it except that I was bored. Really bored. I agree that it had a few wtf moments but nothing that gave me nightmares Good Review

    1. I couldn't agree with you more, Thanks!



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