3 Mar 2013


Guillermo Del Toro Presents a Hit and Miss.

Mama is yet another twisted weird horror to come from the hands of Del Toro, who is one of the most inventive and enthusiastic directors about, as presented in Mama, but, is it up to the standard of his finest? nowhere even close. Would it be one of his weakest entries? Maybe.

Ok so for this review, i'm going to try something different for a change, i will first talk about what's good about the film, and then i will go on to chat about what let the film down, and in Mama's case, its a mixed bag, the reason why i'm doing it this way. So, i shall begin with telling you what it's about, for you who have zero clue about the film; in which i should add, the film is a little confusing so i'll try and simplify it if possible. The film is basically about two little girls (sisters) who have been living in the wilderness from years who get adopted by their uncle and rocker girlfriend. Though the girls look normal they act as wild animals, and when questioned about how they lived, they always referred to being taken care of by 'Mama'. In search of trying to figure out who this 'mama' figure is, they realize that it was an inhuman figure that has raised them as her own. There you go, and don't worry, i didn't give anything away that would have spoiled the film... i would have warned you first.

The Good: What's good about 'Mama' is that it is taking the horror genre into a new root, it's original and is actually quite inventive, in it's presentation and in plot. To say the least it's different. If that alone is a reason to go see this film then so be it, because it is a new take on the ghost, haunted sub-genre. I'm not sure if this is a good point or a bad one but it almost feels like a modern version of The Woman in Black, with a dose of The Orphanage. The thing is, is that i wasn't a fan of The Woman in Black, so i'd see this, as a better, less scary version. It's obvious Muschietti tried when it came to the delivery of Mama, there are a lot of clever twists on-board along with a decent script and a few aided jump scares; so bravo for trying. Oh, and without giving away too much, i thought the ending was both surprising and emotional. There will be more than just one emotion in store for you here.

The Bad: Well my biggest problem with this film for me was the fact that it over explained everything, to a point were it left nothing to the imagination. I like watching films were i can figure something out by myself, but with 'Mama', before you can even think for yourself they have it explained. To accompany this, the film in general was too lack-luster, simply because of the fact most of the film consists of characters sitting around looking for answers, instead of getting the audience knee deep in scares and suspense. Another thing that really annoyed me was the fact the actual character of Mama was completely animated. I'm one of those horror fans that like things to be right there, instead of added in later. Like the main reason why i'm excited for 'Evil Dead' this year is because they are doing everything on the spot, no CGI arm flying off of heads being decapitated, but actual effects that look real and authentic. Mama isn't like that, she is a tall skinny woman that crawls about and groans, but instead of getting their hands dirty they be lazy and just add the bitch in post production. It defiantly would have been more effective if she was real. But oh well, beggars can't be choosers. Oh and did i mention, its not all that scary...

VERDICT: Mama has many flaws in all aspects, most when it comes to building suspense and scaring the audience. But if you look past it's old-fashioned routine you might actually be intrigued by Mama's concept and fresh take on classic haunted, ghost sub-genre. However, i would not recommend this to hardcore gore as they would just see this as a boring 90 minutes.

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