12 Mar 2013

Review: THE DEVIL INSIDE (2012)

Regan would be ashamed...
The topic of horror these past couple of years has been on demons, ghosts and the devil. Most of those films are effective and scary, but some are dull and lifeless. The Devil Inside is that some From start to finish the film lacks originality, scares and entertainment; Just same old boring body-twisting action. The film is another documentary type about a young woman who travels to Italy to visit her psycho mother who had committed devil crimes years before. When she gets there her mothers turns demon-ly and acts out in evil. 

I'm not going to bother with the good and bad because this is just BAD.
The films starts of in the Last Exorcism tracks, which to be honest wasn't exciting or scary at all when it was obvious that was one of the main scares of the film (clearly not). After all the "commotion" there is at 20-minutes of none stop talk about complete nonsense which would send you fast asleep. At this point of the film, I felt tired. When the scares start to take place involving the mother there are some jumpy moments, purely out of surprise and not fear factor. When the films starts to get better the action finally stops and then suddenly pulls us back to the bottom; along with boring, tired and pointless. 

The Documentary type horror started off with a bang with the Blair Witch Project and has slowly weaken to a puff with this lame excuse for a horror. They had there strong entries such as [REC], but it also ranges up to Episode 50. There is a point in the film after what feels like 10 hours of crap where a creepy woman is laying like a rubix cube, snapping and twisting every bone in her body; which I have to say was a bit creepy and disturbing. No word of a lie that was the high of scariness in that movie. Overall the film is down right boring, unappealing, uninteresting and unscary, and not to mention the fact that it has the worst ending for a film in a long time. This film, at some parts is unwatchable.

VERDICT: Throughout the film I couldn't help but feel tired and bored as the scares were ineffective and the film was uninteresting. There are a lot of similarities to the previous documentary flop The Last Exorcism which isn't good considering it was a weak excuse for a horror. Well, whatever devil is inside you was obviously inside the writers if they came up with this crap.

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