27 Mar 2013



As all you American's know, TWD season finale is on this Sunday, and it's then when i'll tune in through live stream to see what's going to happen almost a week before the UK (unlucky for us), and like me, I'm sure ALL The Walking Dead fans at this stage have predicted who will live and who will die in the Season Finale. So now is my opportunity to let all you know who I think will live and die... Let's Go through the characters shall we..

Right so before i go onto the death list i will first make it clear that Rick and Daryl will NOT die! Why? Well Rick is the lead so killing him off is basically ending the show altogether, and we all know that's not happening because there shooting Season 4 in May. Point made.
Daryl on the other hand is actually confirmed to live through Season 3; it's not a fact but one of the producers mentioned the crossbow in Season 4, therefor revealing that he lives and spoiling it for every DAryl fan who hates the though of him dying. Believe me, The day TWD creators kill off Daryl is the day they want to end the show, or at least loose almost half of their viewers.
Ok so let's move on.

Will she live? You know what, I think she will. We seen in the teaser that she is still tied up, yet it does seem as if he beats her. However, i can't see them killing her off especially when she has so much to prove; i mean, Kirkman must be annoyed that Andrea hasn't come across as strong and likable as she did in the comics, so i think they might keep her alive to try and make her what she is in the comics. Who knows, I could be wrong and they might actually get The Governor to kill her before he goes off to destroy the Prison. It's a big possibility.

Yeah, i'll put my money on The Governor being killed my either Rick or Michonne, most likely Rick. If the gang are going to leave the Prison (or are forced) then where will The Governor get involved? They would obviously move to an area further away from Woodbury so it would just be a lengthy journey for the Governor to get his "revenge". So I think he'll get killed off, along with all the rest of his posy and most of Woodbury.

The reason why i am bringing up Tyresse is because i think he could be the one that saves Andrea and doesn't go to destroy the prison. I'm almost sure that he's not going to die anytime soon because we haven't quiet got to see the real him yet and he was a big character in the comics, so for Kirkman to allow them to kill him off would just be a major slap in the face for the comic book fans.

He'll live. No denying it. They have already killed off a kid so i can't see them killing off another, especially such a significant character like Carl the pest.

Awk Carol, The one I feel sorry for; and it pains me to say that I think her time is up. As much as i dont want her to die i think it's near fact that she will. She played a big part in Season 2, but now, she's starting to become as important as T-Dog was back in Season 2. How she'll die, i don't know but whether or not little Judith will live or die I think she will be with her when she meets her demise. Awwwwwwww.

The only reason why I'm saying this is because he is slightly crippled and is unable to run but i think Hershel will come to an end in the finale. I mean could you imagine him hopping about for another season? By the looks of the gang that invade the prison i can see him getting very far with a hop so a bullet or two through the body is more likely than him getting away.

Before i go on about the romantic couple i just have to make it clear that I think Beth will live. As much as i think she is a character that has little purpose or importance i still think they will keep her alive.
I think the question that everyone is thinking is which one of the two will live. We all know one of them will die but it's which one. It's hard to predict if either Maggie or Glenn or both will die, but to be honest, I think it will be Maggie who bites the dust between the two. I like Maggie, I really do but they have to kill of one of them and she seems to be the that seems most likely. I would rather them kill of Glenn because he is starting to become a real annoyance but they probably won't. The Question is, are the creators willing to leave Beth without Hershel and Maggie? Maybe they will keep one of the two alive but really, nobody can tell.

Ah Michonne, the same doll who fought her way out of the tightest situations, the ninja of the zombie world. Will they kill Michonne off? HELL NO! They know fine rightly not to! She is a great character that needs so much more time to gel with the group. Trust me, she has as much chance of surviving than Daryl does. She will fight to the very last episode and even then, she will still probably be alive. I'm proud to say that I'm not team Daryl, I'm TEAM MICHONNE!

There are all of my predictions. I'm sure you all have different views on who is going to live or die but either way, blood will be spilled in The Walking Dead Season Finale this Sunday!

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