2 Mar 2013


Everyone hates Andrea, Carl is an idiot as-per-usual and Tyresse and co. join Woodbury.

Ok, so let me just start off by asking what all this hate for Andrea is? I like her; in fact, i think she is one of the most developed and strongest characters of them all, bar Rick and Daryl but still. If they kill her off then they will pay, but after watching this episode i kind of see why Andrea is hated... She is a tit, she's a complete idiot and may i add, a slut. Fair enough, she is a bitch of a character but the treatment from the crew was unacceptable  but then again, it did make her open her eyes and see that the Governor is in fact, an evil man; yet when she has her opportunity to stab his ass she doesn't, and instead walks her wee naked body back to bed. Does she love him? i think so. Will she turn? I'm not sure. Will she die at the hands of The Governor? I'll expect it.

Was this a great episode? no not really. It was good, but not great. Yeah so I think this episode made us cringe, both at Andrea breaking a zombies jaw, knocking out all his teeth and at Carl saying to Rick "I Think you should stop...being a leader." No, Just no. What, so you think you should be leader Carl huh? If you ask me you deserved to die instead of Sophia. You have zero right as an annoying pest of a character to put thoughts into Rick's head. Just saying, but if i was Rick, Carl at that moment would have been told to "Shut the Fuck up!" That is all.

As an episode it wasn't all that excellent but i believe it's just to set up for a powerful episode next week which i predict should be a good'en. Basically what happened in this episode was Andrea came back, got treated like turd, Carol tells her to have sex with Phillip (Gov) and kill him, in which she just goes and has sex with him and fails to even slice him; Carl acts the prat once again, The Governor gets defensive and Tyresse joins Woodbury and is up for helping take down the Prison gang. Oh and did i mention, Glenn is starting to turn into an annoyance; Proof that the world is ending indeed.

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