9 Mar 2013


Rick, Carl and Michonne go on a Mission for Weapons and come across a lost friend...

This week on The Walking Dead, it took time out from the prison and Woodbury to just tell a simple and direct story of the journey of Rick, Carl and Michonne, which has been done twice before in Season 3, but none of which were as good as this episode. When i say none were as good i don't mean this was an amazing episode because it wasn't, but it was definitely on of the stronger ones of the season so far. 

The Good: When it comes to characters, i must say Michonne is one of my favorites  and believe it or not, but Carl is starting to grow on me! I know he was quite annoying in this episode but i liked the scene with him and Michonne, and i liked how even though Rick has lost his humanity, Carl still has his by thanking the stranger they come across through gunfire. I like how he still does what's right, despite being quite annoying. SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok so what was best about this episode was...and don't say i didn't warn you, but it was the surprise return of SHANE!
I'm kidding, Shane died obviously. But yeah it was the return of Morgan, who was one of the first characters we come across during the apocalypse in the first episode in Season One. You don't remember who he is? Well he was the guy who had a son, he saved Rick and stayed with him for days, he lost his wife and was unable to shoot her when she was a Walker, and he is the guy who Rick gave a radio to to contact him. If you still don't know who it is then you can't call yourself a Walking Dead fan. Yeah well that's who they find and of course as expected he has lost his humanity and does not recognize Rick. He does after a wile and tells of how he lost his son Duane, ironically because his zombie-fied wife that he didn't shoot when he had the chance who bit Duane. How unfortunate. It really makes you feel for Morgan yet again but whats most shocking is when he refuses to go along with Rick and co. to the prison and chooses to stay in this town of torture.

The Bad: There isn't much to complain about in this episode, there was enough zombies to please and enough violence to enjoy. However, it would have been one of the slower-paced episodes of the season. If it wasn't for the introduction of Morgan this episode wouldn't even have been half as good.

Other than that, it sets up perfectly for next weeks episode which i must say i am excited to see. What will happen... Will Rick and The Governor fight? What will Andrea do? Are the group in trouble? Who knows, but what i do know, is that it should be a good episode.

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