16 Mar 2013


Rick and The Governor get deep as they are involved in a heated conversation.

In this episode we see very little, which seems to be a running theme these past couple of episodes, which could be perfectly fine for everyone, but for me, i need to see some zombie chopping. It is one of those talky episodes again which i am not all that interested in, but seeing what's gonna happen next week gets me excited. But i'm not here to talk about an episode i haven't seen yet so i'll continue on with this one. 

The Good: Well what i think was best about this episode was The Governor, why you ask? well because i think it shows us a different side to him, whether its good or not i don't know but it's a change...for a change. We finally hear about were he comes from and his story, but even after i wasn't quite sure if he is simply a man with problems or still a complete psychopath. I'll stick with him being a Psychopath. I think this would be a good point for the character and for most others but not for me; Glenn growing up is just not what i want to see. Glenn would have been one of my favorites when he was still that pizza boy, but now him trying to be the leader and being mature just isn't a good look in my opinion. But the character development is what's good about that. I'm excited to see what Andrea is going to do also, we are starting to see her move away from The Governor and ask questions involving him being a complete looney-bin, so i'm interested in seeing what she is going to do to him, and what he will do to her for (possibly) leaving him. You can never quite predict whats going to happen which is defiantly the best thing about the entire show, and i'm sure it will really play against our predictions next week.

The Bad: Again, its a slow-burner, nothing happens really apart from the two guys talking and a few walkers being killed here and there. That's it really. I mean if someone missed this episode they wouldn't really be missing much; yeah they might be out of the loop for a minute or two but once someone tells them briefly that The governor want's Michonne and the prison will stay safe that's all they need to know.

Although this episode may not be the best, it sets us up perfectly for what is going to happen next week, and i can bet that episode 14 will be a pretty good episode.

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