18 Mar 2013


The Governor goes hunting for Andrea in one of the best episodes of the Season.

So basically this episode takes us away from the prison and takes us to...well Woodbury, kinda. The episode follows the story of Andrea once again, except this episode knocks the other one out of the park. So the episode follows Andrea who has basically given up on The Governor and knows exactly what he is and what he's capable of (finally), so she runs back to the prison were she belongs, but unfortunately for her, Governor knows and then goes on the hunt for her. 
Andrea gets away a few times after a good chase or two but then, just as she sees home, she is pulled away from the Governor before Rick could see and is now, bound and gaged in the torture room by The Governor.
OMG you say? I know right! Before i go into the good and the bad of the episode i just have to say that this is defiantly one of the best episodes of the Season...so far.

The Good: Where do I start! Well i think i can speak for everyone when i say this, that we were all routing for Andrea. I mean even for those who really don't like her we all wanted her to reach that prison because we just witnessed the fight she went through to get there and how sadistic and creepy The Governor actually is. I have never routed for a character as much in my life, which proves that i have never been so attached to a programme and its characters ever like this before. The sheer relentlessness of this episode was nerve-racking; apart from the first 15 minutes, this was intensity at it's finest. I mean, i could bare it, i was on the edge of my seat from the moment he started chasing her through a field in his truck; there has been very few times were i literally started shouting at the screen and this was one of those times.

What was defiantly best about this episode was that one scene were Andrea is trying to hind from the Governor in a shattered, broken building. What made it so good? well it was intense, chilling, dark, nerve-racking entertainment which could have easily sent chills up your spin, mostly due to The Governor and that moment when he walks around whistling; truly terrifying. Oh and to add to the moment, they through a bunch of Walkers in the mix to spice things up, and it added perfectly to the scene.

If your one of those fans who like The Governor, well then i'm almost positive you'll think differently after watching episode 14. Why? well because never before has The Governor been so sadistic. I feared him when watching this episode; simply by the way he walked around, the way he was hunting for her, his whistling (which may i add was simply chilling) and the way he has Andrea strapped and gagged to a chair like one of his victims. Him doing this makes you think "What's he going to do to her?", "will her torture her? Will he use her as bate? Is he going to trade her with Rick for Michonne? or is he simply going to kill her?" I don't know, and that what makes him even scarier, his unpredictability. All I know is that Andrea is NOT going to get it easy.

The Bad: I struggle to think of bad things about this episode. Well i could say that the first 15 minutes were a bit slow but i don't mind about that. Oh! this is the perfect opportunity to say that American Advertisements are a joke! this was the first time i had ever watched TWD through livestream as i live in the UK and it airs on a Friday night; so for me to experience those adverts was awful! All i have to say is NEVER AGAIN!

VERDICT: Episode 14 "Prey" has to be one of the best episodes of the season, alongside the one were Lori meets her demise. Well to put it simply this episode is Extremely intense, relentless and totally unexpected. It is a MUST that you watch this episode! 

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