25 Mar 2013


Merle finally gets his own episode, and it's a memorable one.

TWD episode 15 "This Sorrow Life" i thought would have just been a filler, something that would be light on the action simply to build up for the finale;But god was I wrong. Episode 15 is what I would call, a brilliant episode, especially for the penultimate episode. It's very hard to talk about the episode without spoiling it, but thats what this paragraph is for, to let all you readers who don't want to know the outcome of the episode to read and to know that SPOILERS are ahead! You can just scroll to the bottom and check out the star rating if you want, but regardless i am going to go ahead and reveal spoilers.


The Good: There was so much that was good about This Sorrow Life, in fact naming 'The Good' just seems wrong, so in that case I'm going to name 'The Great'. Let's start off by talking a little bit about the episode. So basically Merle wants The Governor dead so he knocks Michonne out and takes her as hostage, on the journey he finds a car, and takes of, letting Michonne free so he can do his business alone. On root he sets off the cars alarm, attracts walkers and heads the Woodbury were he ditches the vehicle and alerts some The Governor's little henchmen, who get eaten by walkers, and picked off one by one by Merle, who is sniping in a building near by. As he goes to take out The Governor a walker attacks, distracts and gets him caught. Governor starts a fight, bites off his fingers and finishes him off with the bang of a gun (awwwwww!!). Daryl comes in search for Merle, to find him gnawing on some poor guy; Daryl, after a few tears finishes him off and doesn't be kind about it. Merle had died and became a walker, Michonne returns to the prison, and The Governor gets ready to take Rick and co. down..

Good episode? Hell Yeah! So finale talk aside, this was a strong episode, character wise and emotionally. We had never really got to like Merle much as i feel he never properly got to redeem himself and show that he isn't the villain he was when he was with The Governor. Although this episode isn't really the perfect one to show that he's a nice man, considering the fact that he ambushed Michonne but it does make you like the character more and it really draws you in into his adventure, which hadn't been done before. But the main not you need to take when watching The Walking Dead is to NEVER get to attached to a character, because they will at some stage meet their demise (except Daryl, as they know the views with have a major drop if he is killed off, simple as that!). So if this was the episode that you started to like Merle, then tough shit because guess what, he dies, and that's just a recurring theme for TWD. Where have you seen this you say? Well lets get started... Dale finally got his big episode, and what happens at the end? he dies. Axel finally gets involved and then BAM, he gets shot. Jim starts to get some character development and then he gets bit and is left to turn. You see what's going on here? So in that case you shouldn't have been surprised they killed him off because we all knew it was going to happen; i did, and TWD fans should have predicted it too. Still a shame though.

Episode 15 was the perfect combination of gore, action, zombies and heart. Yeah we see a good old shoot out, and a few munches from Walkers (which we haven't seen in a while) but the strongest aspect of this episode was the reveal of Merle chewing on fresh flesh. Yeah i knew it was coming but it was still shocking, and it still took me by surprise. I mean it's Merle, the tough guy; so to see him as a walker was crazy, yet surprisingly emotional. I could imagine every Daryl fan crying at him crying, because it was sad and we would have never though we would have seen the day Daryl would cry; but i think it was just that which made that moment that bit more emotional. You could see that relationship blossom like never before, his struggle to try and kill Merle even after he had a mouthful of flesh. That moment were he is in tears, pushing him away was heart-breaking and really proved that even through all that gore and violence, The Walking Dead can still deliver heart.

You might understand when i say this that i could ramble on for another while yet about the good of the episode but i'll stop while i'm ahead and move on the bad of the episode.

The Bad: I'm actually not sure if there was anything bad about this episode, not one that i can think of off the top of my head. Actually nothing was bad, which doesn't really make much sense as i wouldn't give this a solid 5 stars. I don't make much sense. I suppose i could say the episode just wasn't up to it's best; yes the gore and deaths was good but even when action was happening, nothing was really intense; it just sort of... happened and quickly ended. Could they have made this episode better? probably, but for what they delivered it was pretty impressive.

VERDICT: This Sorrow Life wouldn't be one of the better episodes, but that doesn't take away from the fact that even if your predictions are correct, you will still feel every emotion that it want's you to feel, and i assure you, you will still be left shocked even if you predicted the outcome. All i can say is next week, will be  a good one.

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