18 Mar 2013

Top 10 Surprisingly Brilliant Horror Films

10 Horrors that will take you by surprise.

10. [REC] (2007)
I'm not sure what it is about [Rec] that makes it so good but i can honestly say that it is one of the best zombie films about, and defiantly one of the most unconventional of it's sub-genre. Its impressive, its original, its intense, it's very scary and extremely unnerving. Throwing a few sequels in the mix did decrease its value due to adapting the story which was completely unnecessary, oh well, it's still an impressive film either way.

This Urban monster flick proves little to the imagination but never before has a monster movie been so much fun. The whole 'Hoodlums against aliens' concept is fresh, but its not that which makes the film so good, but its relentlessness and heart-pumping adrenaline. Trust me when i say this, you will not see this film coming and you will not expect it to be this good.

8. ZOMBIELAND (2009)
I'm not sure what it was that made me not expect how good this film was going to be but i must say, after i watched it i just fell in-love with Zombie flicks all over again. Before Zombieland the zombie sub-genre died, and unfortunately didn't rise like a zombie corpse until Zombieland hit screens. It's fun, its gory and it's funny, an unfamiliar yet successful approach to the zombie sub-genre. Defiantly one of the best zombie films since Romero.

7. THE LOVED ONES (2012)
Definitely one of the darkest torture-porn flicks about, and for horror fans, this should be the equivalent of a wet dream. Its dark, its gory, its uniquely fun, its filled to the brim with the best torture, has sadistic characters and has a plot that is takes it many twists and turns for the best. Seriously, you should watch this in a heart-beat, you will not regret it, and will not forget it, especially a certain scene with a drill...

6. WOLF CREEK (2005)
Wolf Creek would have to be one of my favorite horror's of 2005. It is one of those films that would split audiences but i can't understand how anyone wouldn't like this film (apart from gore hounds). Wolf Creek is intense, terrifying, edge-of-your-seat entertainment that will keep your blood pumping as soon as the action begins. If you haven't seen this, you are certainly missing out!

5. GRABBERS (2012)
Grabbers is an Irish alien invasion flick that is defiantly the hidden gem of 2012. I think many would approach this one as a waste of time, straight to dvd trash with useless effects, well if you said that your wrong! Trust me, i said the same thing but when i left the cinema i was in complete shock at how fun this film was. Well its not very scary but god you will have fun watching it! If it makes you think that its what the Irish would do in an alien invasion, your on the right tracks.

4. EDEN LAKE (2008)

Again, another film that many have not seen, yet a film that all horror addicts should see immediately. Yeah we all know that Shaun of the Dead is the best Brit Horror, but to be honest, Eden Lake would be a more suited candidate for that title. Its sharp, grimy, violent, disturbing, intense and relentless. What's not to like about a film with all the right elements. Oh and if you still think its an unknown film that nobody knows of, then just remember, Michael Fassbender is in it.

3. TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL (2011)
Ok so before i watched this i thought there was no hope, just an hour and a half of Cliche. Although i was right, i was wrong. The film turns Cliches on its head and makes the opposite the 'New'. I think it is that aspect which makes this film so brilliant. Although it doesn't feel much like a horror, and more like a spoof it still manages to throw out the blood, guts and comedy elements, whilst still keeping the horror cliches at heart. It may not be the best horror of 2011 but its certainly the most enjoyable.

2. TRICK 'R' TREAT (2006)
Did you ever feel like John Carpenter's Halloween is the only applaudable horror to watch on Halloween night? Well think again; yes Halloween is always good but if you want to spic it up a bit watch Trick 'r' Treat!  What can i say, its like getting a large bag of sweets that has a mixture of all your favorite kinds. Trick 'r' Treat s one of the best and most inventive festive horror's of all time. I can honestly say, nothing says Halloween like Trick 'r' Treat!

Prepare to witness one of, if not the most Inventive horror film of all time! Words cannot describe how good Cabin is. You can't call yourself a true horror fan if you don't like this gem. You will never look at another horror film the same again; it takes every horror cliche and turns them inside out, revealing to us just how things are made, and trust me, the pay-off couldn't be better. With a final 20 minutes that's absolutely bonkers, The Cabin in the Woods is the film that every horror geek craves and needs.


  1. What would you have made the top 10 surprisingly brilliant films? It's my opinion, what's your's

  2. I agree with most of these films, good list (going to watch a few of them i haven't seen yet)

    1. thank you, and yeah you should definitely check these out!



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