29 Apr 2013

Oscar Nominee Gabourey Sidibe joins 'AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN'

The Precious and Oscar Nominated Actress Gabourey Sidibe has officially been added to the cast of Coven, the third Season to the Hit U.S show American Horror Story. Although this is not big news to me, as I didn't even know who she is, but with an Oscar Nomination resting on her name, im sure she is good at what she does; and if she is as good as the critics say she is, and if she has a big part to play, then maybe she could be nudging Jessica Lange of the Golden Globe thrown and bag one herself for Coven. Who knows, maybe she could be crap, but I doubt it.

I am not quite sure when Coven is hitting our screens but I will predict a late 2013 release.

28 Apr 2013

'V/H/S/2' & 'CARRIE' Get a BRAND NEW Poster

This week, 2 New Posters came in for two of the most anticipated horror's of the year to come, V/H/S/2 and The remake of Carrie. This is the first official poster we have of V/H/S/2 and i LOVE it! it still captures the essence of the previous poster whilst adding a whole new twist in the mix; that red with that black, wow.
As for the Carrie poster, its much of the same, if you didn't see it you wouldn't be missing much to be honest. Yeah it's a new poster but it just looks so similar to that photo that hit online months ago! It's good, but thats the high of it.

Here they are anyways, feast your eyes upon them guys!

27 Apr 2013

'The Lords of Salem' Review


The Lords of Salem, Rob Zombie's very own hit dvd a week ago, and of-course i was eager to see what Zombie had to deliver, and judging by the trailer, it looked but be a lot. The Last thing I watched that had Zombie's stamp on it was Halloween 2, and let's face it, despite being sadistic, gothic and quite original, it was bad. However, I did like the remake for Halloween (2007) so I had a little bit of hope for this film because normally when directors take time off, their returning flick is normally a good'en, plus, we have all seen The Devil's Rejects so we know what he's capable of. Did he do me justice? No; and you know what, I don't think he gave what the fans wanted either..

The Good: The Lords of Salem is a lot of things, and one of the is that its not a good movie. However, every grey cloud has a silver lining, and that's the case with Salem. Is the film entertaining? No. Is it fun? No. Is it fascinating to watch? Hell yeah. The reason being, is because it is visually impressive. Salem's best quality is that it's imagery and cinematography is stunning. That alone could be a reason to watch the film. I'm not quite sure what it is, but the whole look of the movie is enough to keep you watching; the imagery is beautiful, yet haunting, the lighting is inventive and effective. Personally, I think that alone is enough to take a look, especially if your a film student, because the whole look and vibe is inventive, beautiful and actually quite eerie.

The last thing that i actually liked about the movie was the whole idea; most of the time the movie made little sense, but the look of the villains and the monsters are enough to provoke nightmares even if the rest of the movie doesn't. Some of the villains in this are extremely creepy, some past the point were they start to look stupid. Personally, I think they weren't involved enough in the story, and i think if they would have been involved more then the film could have been much better. Why waste something good Rob?

The Bad: As said before, with every grey cloud there is a silver lining, and in the case of Lords of Salem, there is more grey than silver. This movie is not for everyone, Zombie's movie's tend to be like that anyways, but what I can say is that Salem. was defiantly not for me. The whole gothic theme can work on some levels and can work for most people, but for me, it just felt like he took the flick to a point where he abandoned the them midway and started chucking anything he could think of into the mix, creating a big, chunky, uneven mess. You could say that the word "mess" is a bit too harsh, but believe me, when you watch the film you'll realize that you have lost track of the story half-way through and you currently do not know what is happening. Salem does that sometimes, it adds insult to injury by throwing in uneven twists and curves on top of a pile of other uneven twists and curves; what I'm trying to say is that nothing really makes sense. Maybe you'll think I'm wrong, maybe you did understand it, and maybe I just didn't pay enough attention because the film was a bore, but from what i can remember, it was a hot mess.

I think this is the case for all, but I tend not to like a film when there isn't enough pulse-pounding sequences, movies like The Cabin in the Woods, Scream, for god sakes even I Still know What You Did Last Summer all have heart-racing chase sequences or intense action, but with Salem, it's all talk, and no shock. To but it simply, its boring and has as much entertainment as an episode of Goosebumps. It just feels like your sitting through a movie that is constantly trying to explain itself and forgets what its supposed to do, scare and entertain the audience that paid good money to watch it. This isn't the first time Zombie has (pardon the language) fucked the audience over when it came to creating decent entertaining and scary sequences, as seen by Halloween 2; three strikes and you're out Rob!

VERDICT: Despite some visually impressive sequences, The Lords of Salem falls short on scares and fails to entertain, despite how many opportunities it had. I may be harsh when I say this, but what Lords of Salem feels like to me, is a big chunky, uneven mess that involves all of Zombie's strange inventions rolled into one. You'd be better off just giving The Devil's Rejects another viewing.

25 Apr 2013

'SCREAM: TV SERIES' is Officially Coming to TV!!

Just checking up on Bloody Disgusting (my daily routine) and they released an article about the future for Scream the TV Series. I have never posted something as fast in my life. why? Because Scream is my favorite movie franchise and the thought of more Ghostface gives me goosebumps. I am definitely excited for the Pilot to arrive Summer 2014 (soooooo long) but this TV series is practically putting the film franchise to a stop so I will NOT be expecting a Scream 5 anytime soon or at all, and as for the cast (Campbell, Cox, Arquette) I doubt they will star in the show; though they might make an appearance.

I'm definitely excited to see were there gonna go with this and if they're going to continue with the Sydney plot or not, but hopefully they'll start from fresh and be inventive (unlike the recent and slightly disappointing Pilot for Zombieland). My opinion is that we could be dealing with something good here, especially at the news that Wes Craven is in talks to be the director, yet Kevin Williamson is not involved as MTV are currently looking for writers; Oh well, put i'll tell you one thing, I... Can't WAIT

24 Apr 2013

Review: SCARY MOVIE 5 (2013)

The Worst of the Series? The Worst of the Year?
Scary Movie finally returned to our screens but unfortunately did not bring Cindy or Brenda with it, who happen to be the best thing to ever happen to the franchises knowing that the pair said no to the film made me realize how bad this film was going to be.. Was it bad? Yes. Was it better than what I expected? Yip.

The Good: Well, coming from a huge Scary Movie Fan I really went against this one, simply by the idea that Brenda (one of my all-time favorite character's) was not in it, and for some other black chick to come in and TRY to takeover her role was despicable; however, she did have her funny moments. If you're going into this film and thinking "this is going to be immature, something for teenagers" then you're right, because never before has a Scary Movie been so immature, which in some aspects, isn't necessarily a bad thing. The gags do run dry but there is still enough childish and stupid humor in here to make you chuckle a few times. A few moments in particular that made me laugh were the cubical scene with Molly Shannon and the Evil Dead sequence which, surprisingly was pretty spot on. Listen, if you're going into this looking for some cheap gags and guilty pleasures then you should be pleased, if just looking for a general comedy, laughs might run dry.

The Bad: To start off with, some of the gags were dragged out to an extent were it was so unfunny it made me cringe, I mean, if a joke wasn't funny the first time then it's not going to be funny the fourth time! Get the picture. I could go on for ages about the bad of the movie, but this is a short review so i'll just chop it down. Well the cameos were ok at times but lacked comedy aspects, the acting was poor (as expected), although Ashley Tisdale is a good leading lady, her and Kendra could NEVER match up to Cindy and Brenda; and it's even more annoying when they try to be them! Again as i said before, the jokes are a little immature, and feel more Epic Movie and not Scary Movie. You know what, I'm going to stop here because let's face it, you know the rest.

VERDICT: Scary Movie 5 may dish out some immature gags that do become amusing , but it just slacks as a movie in general. Through all the problems with this movie, none of them seem as bad as the fact that this 5th installment feels more like a sequel to Epic Movie and not Scary Movie. Well, at least it's better than A Haunted House..

23 Apr 2013

'TEXAS CHAINSAW 4' Gets Hannah Montana Lead and Shooting date

So, courtesy of Bloody Disgusting (my daily resource for horror news) News has been released about 'Texas Chainsaw 4' The sequel to January's most hated film Texas Chainsaw 3D (which by the way, I liked). Before I tell you the story i just have to state that they have a plan for why the future sequel will be called Texas Chainsaw 4, but i have not one idea were there going with it because it makes the littlest of sense, but if they have a decent explanation then I will have no complaints... well maybe i'll have one or two.

Moving on to the subject matter.
So the producers have confirmed that shooting will begin in the summer, which means the script should already be complete even though it has not been confirmed but, common sense people. Not only have they revealed that both Alexandra Diddario and Dan Yeager are returning but also that there will be two new leads, in the shape of British Newcomer Tommy Hatto and Hannah Montana star Cody Linley, who will play two major characters. I have no clue what they're going to go with this one, but i have no doubt that I will be giving it a view.

21 Apr 2013

Review: DARK SKIES (2013)

Signs meets Insidious.

Dark Skies, one of 2013's first alien horror flicks hit our screens a wile back, and the reason why I'm only reviewing it now is because I didn't have an interest for the movie, and quite frankly, I was busy. But I reviewed Zombieland before this so there is no excuses. Shame on me; and shame on you for watching this.

Dark Skies is about a disfunctional family who's youngest speaks of people who come to him, who he refers to as Sandman. On discovery they realize that it is in fact aliens who are planning to take the son as part of living. Um, I'd tell you more about the film if I could remember it, which I can't, so I wont.

The Good: It has been quite some time since we've seen another alien horror flick, so I was open to seeing this moving; it looked promising, scary and weird and it was those factors which I was interested in. The film is none of those things unfortunately, but it does have some good qualities... I think. Well I have to say I was fascinated with what was going on in the movie, yeah it was formulaic and quite repetitive, but I was always wanting the parents to discover the aliens and I really wanted to see what they looked like. Yeah it's silly, but if a movie can get me involved then I like it. the whole build up was actually ok, i mean the film was average, but the final 15 minutes were very good, the intensity of it all, the fear, the panic, the coldness was very intriguing; Pity it ended when it started getting good. I'm not going to lie, the is little I like about the film and there is little memorable moments from the film so it is slightly tricky to think of good aspects.. Moving On...

The Bad: Where do I begin. Well the thing that annoyed me the most of how tedious it was; it was almost like they would use the same scene but add in a new way to "scare" the audience, and the emphasis on the "scare" was just to state that this movie was far from scary. I mean what's the point? Have we all become immune to movie scares or are horror films not even trying anymore? There was one decent scare in the entire movie, that's how sloppy it was. oh, that brings me to my next point, the movie is so lazy, it doesn't try to deliver anything but cliched moments and trashy jump scares. What's the point in having to sit through a movie that doesn't even try to achieve anything or try to do something different, in that case we may aswel go home and watch the Friday The 13th Franchise, there's better entertainment in that. To be honest, it's films like this why I give up on Alien flicks altogether, aside from Alien, i struggle to try and think of another decent alien-invasion movie.

VERDICT: Maybe I'm being to harsh on Dark Skies, but what I'm trying to say is that if you decide to watch an alien movie, look else were because all you'll find here is basket full of cliché's and a movie that is better when you just watch the trailer. Looking for something new to watch? Evil Dead, The Walking Dead, for god sakes even watch Texas Chainsaw 3D, but if you want an hour and a half to drag, look no further.

19 Apr 2013


Zombieland Pilot is pale in comparison

So for all you out there who are reading this and hasn't yet watched the Pilot episode of the maybe-soon-to-be TV series well then here is the link for you to watch it (you must have an Amazon account, or be like me and use the free trial just to watch the episode *evil laugh*)

Ok so now it's time to go back to the show's first episode.. What is strange is that the power is in our hands wether or not the show continues, so die-hard Zombieland fans will probably just rate it low so it won't continue, and the rest might actually enjoy the half-hour ride (a bit short but whatever). What did I think of it? Well your just going to have to read on... or be that guy who scrolls to the bottom to see the rating (i'm that guy too by the way). Let the verdict begin..

The Good: Umm.. yeah there was plenty of good about this episode, but it's actually quite hard to notice them when all you can think about is how much the character's suck compared to the film's lovable low-life's. But anyways, as much I LOVED Zombieland the movie and hate the idea of a series I must do what is best and promote what the show has to offer.

You know what, I enjoyed this little half-hour of zombie goodness, I know it didn't hit all the right spots in filling the audience up with everything we loved from the first, but it did try to add a few new tricks into the mix, some working better than others. The comedy aspects was successful, although i wish it didn't feel so recycled and wasn't so predictable; I mean they must have used some of the gags more than once which believe it or not, after time becomes unfunny and actually quite annoying. Oh well, I still laughed so that's all that really matters. It may not be what everyone was expecting but it is an impressive hybrid and does manage to chuck some zombies in the mix quite frequently which does keep us on our toes and keeps us aware that anything could happen at anytime.

The Bad: I'm not going to dwell on this too much because we have to give the show a chance; but I do have a few issues with the Pilot episode. Firstly, I didn't like what they did with the characters, I can't help feel as if they sucked what we loved from the bunch and then created something new and threw them in instead.. They just don't feel like the characters we all know and love. Miara Walsh who pays Witchita doesn't even bring half of the good qualities and charm Emma Stone brought to the table which is quite a shame and does ruin the character slightly (and don't get me started on Tallahassee). As I said before, the gags were hit and miss and were forgettable. It had it's moments..

VERDICT: this pilot does prove that Zombieland can never be imitated and it's brilliance is cannot be re-created with this TV version. Yes the gags and character's are a little off but there is no denying that of this show continues it will get better and it will dish out even more guts, gore and gags. I think it's worth the Green Light.

15 Apr 2013

New Nazi Zombie Pics for 'DEAD SNOW 2'!

So wile I was scoping about Bloody Disgusting (the website that it) I came across some interesting, yet slightly pointless news, that Dead Snow 2 is currently in the filming stage. What's pointless about this is the fact that the film is actually being made; Sure, I liked the first, but why make a number 2? Zombie sequels don't always quite go as planned, BUT foreign sequels do work as seen by [Rec] 2. Is there hope for this movie? I suppose so; Am I looking forward to seeing it? Not. At. All.

Well If you are then here are some gorylicious pics to indulge in. Dig in folks.

13 Apr 2013

'HATCHET III' Gets a New Poster

Yeah so a wile back announcement was made that there was a Hatchet 3 (III) in the works, and my initial reaction was "Oh boy, not again..", Why? Well because it's a film series that belongs on The Horror Channel after hours, it's just one of those horror films were they don't feel like a film or have a formula bar coming up with inventive new ways to kill someone. It's a pointless franchise that should have died right back at the first one (despite the fact that Hatchet 2 was better).

So a trailer came along, which looked like someone just mashed moments from the past two films and made a trailer from it, in other words, it looks like recycled shit. So now an Official Poster has been released and it doesn't deliver much, except good old Victor Crowley Standing in the mist... Yawn. Well I think the poster is trash but here it is for you to decide with your own eyes. Hatchet 3 will be coming soon... Unfortunately.

12 Apr 2013

'THE SHINING' Prequel Starts Moving!

Recently news was released that The Shining was getting it's own Prequel, likely to be named 'The Overlook Hotel'. When I first read the news (from Bloody Disgusting) I wasn't all that trilled about it, because a good story in the wrong hands would go down like a led balloon. But, when word got around that The Walking Dead Regular Glenn Mazzara was possible to get involved got me interested, I mean The Walking Dead is probably one of the best TV shows to date so you know that if he was to do it, it would most likely be something to scream about. Now that the news is out that Mazzara is in fact involved with the project I have suddenly grown an interest for the film and hope that it will go ahead and deliver something to be proud of. 

9 Apr 2013


Director: Fede Alvarez
Writer: Fede Alvarez
Stars: Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci, Jessica Lucas

Five friends head to a remote cabin in the woods to help Mia with her drug addiction. When they discover the Book of the Dead they realize that they released something into the open, and being forced to stay, the group one by one start to become possessed leaving them to fight for survival.

Way back the word was released that a remake of Evil Dead was in the works, and as that was announced you could hear EVERY Evil Dead fan scream, and every horror fan sigh. Why? because that work "Remake" puts a black cloud over any horror classic it touches.. or should I say, ruins. Yeah yeah we all know remakes are "Bad" because not only do they toy with the original but they always turn out to be crap. Albeit, I did enjoy remakes such as 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre', 'The Hills Have Eyes' and (forgive me for saying) Rob Zombie's Halloween, so this does prove that I do enjoy remakes a bit, which is true, but nothing gives me more hope for future remakes than this right here; 2013's Evil Dead. Thanks Evil Dead, for making me excited for Carrie.

Before I can go into anything I can honestly tell you that you might not like it, it just might not be your bag. Wether it's because its a re-hash of your favorite film 'The Evil Dead', or that you just don't think blood and gore is the answer, your call, but what I can say is that it's every horror fan's right to see this movie and to see it now! Yes there has been a lot of hype about it, and I can agree that in some cases it's made out to be better than what it actually is, but there is no denying that this years Evil Dead will have you gagging, cringing and wanting more.

The Good: Oh were do I start. Well firstly I just have to congratulate Jane Levy on her Excellent performance as cold-turkey victim Mia, who I must say makes for a great final girl and Heroine (excuse the pun). I can honestly say that I am one of those horror fans who go into a film for fun, I mean some of the films I love would be 'Scream' and 'The Cabin in the Woods', why? because they are fun movies! To me, all that gore is just an additional part of my love for them. But what is strange is that I tend to stay away from the gory flicks such as 'Saw', for the simple reason of that it uses gore and torture as an excuse for entertainment when clearly it's just plain rotten. Yes, Evil Dead is exactly like that but it's also a really fun movie and it makes for great entertainment. What more could you want from a horror flick.


Now, this part and throughout is for those who have seen the movie, or those who don't mind when a movie is spoiled for them (don't say you haven't been warned) and it is here were I talk about all the juicy goodness from Evil Dead. Now let's get started on the deaths..
Well just before I watched this I kinda thought that the trailer showed a bit much, and considering that fact that there was only 5 characters I had every right to think so. Well... I was right; but let's not talk about the negatives quite yet.. 
So yeah how fucked up was this film?! I mean I have never seen the first one (DON'T JUDGE ME) so I was going into this with a clean slate, but when it ended all I could think about was how rottenly brilliant the deaths were. I can agree that the trailer and clips did spoil things for me a bit, but that scene were Olivia is sawing away at her face and gives Jesus (Eric) and few jabs with a needle is just cringe-worthy; you can almost feel his pain, until he gets to much of it in which we then just sit and think how much it would suck to be him right now... All the shit was his fault so in a way he deserved what he got. Yeah as I was saying, these characters get chewed up real bad! Olivia, saws her face then gets beaten to death, Natalie hacks her arm off and then gets the other one shot off, David gets shot by a shotgun and nail-gun, then gets beaten and then burns, Mia gets raped hit stabbed burned, she cuts her tongue in half, she gets buried alive etc etc; and Eric has so much shit happen to him that its hard to count. So as you can tell and have seen, these characters do not get away lightly, nor does the actor's themselves.. Unlucky.

The movie is fun, fun in a way were the audience can laugh at the inside jokes, they can laugh with shock and feel nauseous over the excessive amount of blood and gore and really just have a blast when watching it, even if that does consist of a few "OMG" moments that do become unbearable at times. To be honest, I don't know how anyone couldn't like this movie. If your a fan of demons, Check; a fan of blood and gore, Check; and fan of fun horror movies, Check; and a fan of pure epicness then this is right up your alley.

The Bad: There is very little that is actually bad about the film, but there were a few issues i had with the film, the biggest being some of the characters. I feel as if the two female characters Olivia and Natalie were just fillers, someone that is there to get tortured when things start to get boring, that's how they felt to me, maybe not so much Olivia but definitely Natalie; to be honest I think she is there just so someone can saw their arm off and to give a reason for the deadite in the basement to interact through that chained gap. Yeah I would have liked to see more character development with her. If I was to say one thing to you if you haven't seen the film yet or the trailers; Please do not watch the trailers or clips if your thinking about watching this because to be honest, a lot of the good parts in the film were shown in the trailers and clips which I had wished I hadn't seen until after the film because I did feel as if it spoiled it for me a little, especially with the "Why would you do that?" clip that literally shows the death of one of the characters. Other than that, and that fact that I wish the film and deadites were scarier, there is nothing else that bugged me about the movie.

VERDICT: 2013's Evil Dead may not be "The Most Terrifying Movie you will Ever Experience" but it can definitely hold the title for 'The Goriest Horror Ever". Fan's of the original may not like this re-vamp, but for horror fans all around the world, they can sit back and enjoy one of the goriest and most fun horror flicks in recent years. True Contender for best horror of 2013.

7 Apr 2013

'EVIL DEAD' Slays the U.S BoxOffice!

According to early, rough box-office estimates found at Deadline.com, Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead 2013 will likely overperform. Very early unofficial estimates had the horror remake grossing as much as $30m by Sunday evening, but by Friday night estimates had been downsized to (a still solid) $27m following an estimated gross of $11.5m at 3,025 locations on Friday, including $1.8m earned at late and midnight Thursday screenings according to official studio estimates found at Box Office Mojo.
Unsurprisingly, Evil Dead‘s grosses from Thursday and midnight showings represent a sizable chunk of what Sam Raimi’s 1983 original (actually first screened in 1981) The Evil Dead earned during its entire run: $2.4m, or about $6m adjusted for inflation.
A TriStar (Sony Pictures) / FilmDistrict collaboration, Evil Dead features Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez2005 Berlin Film Festival Best Actor Lou Taylor Pucci (Thumbsucker), Jessica Lucas, and Elizabeth Blackmore. Sam Raimi, for his part, is back as one of the 2013 Evil Dead producers, and so are The Evil Deadproducer Robert G. Tapert and executive producer Bruce Campbell (now with a "producer" credit).
Starring Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Richard Attenborough, and Jeff Goldblum,Jurassic Park 3D is expected to take in $18m over the weekend, after pulling in an estimated $7m on Friday. Both Channing Tatum / Dwayne Johnson’s G.I. Joe: Retaliation and DreamWorks Animation’s The Croods, featuring the voices of Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone, and Nicolas Cage, are expected to bring in $21-$22m by Sunday evening. Note: Official (studio) Friday estimates will be released Saturday morning; chances are there’ll be some adjusting to the early, rough estimates found in this piece. Weekend box-office actuals will be published on Monday.

4 Apr 2013

'CARRIE' Trailer finally hits Online, and it's a good'en!

2013 seems to be providing a lot of promising horrors, and one of the most anticipated would have to be the remake of the cult classic 'Carrie' that is hitting our screens in October, in time for Halloween. In theaters October 18, the Kimberly Peirce-directed redo is “A reimagining of the classic horror tale about Carrie White (Chloë Grace Moretz), a shy girl outcast by her peers and sheltered by her deeply religious mother (Julianne Moore), who unleashes telekinetic terror on her small town after being pushed too far at her senior prom.” Alex Russell, Ansel Elgort, Gabriella Wilde, Judy Greer and Portia Doubleday also star.

If I were you I would watch this NOW as it seems to be delivering the goods. The look of it is enough to put someone into hibernation until October, but since the sane person wouldn't do so, settle with the trailer for now, and you'll be sure that you can't wait to see The Blood, the scares and the telekinesis this October.


Dread Central delivered a Brand New image for the upcoming TV adaption of the classic 'Zombieland'. Now i'm not sure if it's because the last image they released was so bad but this one wants me to see more it's that intriging. Already the image proves that the show is willing to deliver a decent amount of laughs by the looks of that teeth-less granny who seems to be trying to get stuck into some fresh flesh.. Unlucky Nana.

Well here is the image for you to indulge in. Dig in.

3 Apr 2013

New Trailer for 'THE PURGE' and it's special..

The Purge is Directed by James DeMonaco (writer of Assault on Precinct 13 and The Negotiator), The Purge is produced by Jason Blum of Blumhouse (Paranormal Activity, Insidious, Sinister), Platinum Dunes’ partners Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form (The Amityville Horror, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), as well as Sébastien Kurt Lemercier (Assault on Precinct 13).
When the government's law goes down in America for 12 hours all hell breaks loose on the streets, but when a family take in a victim into their secure home they bring along some unwanted enemies and unwanted violence.
Yeah your right when you say "another one of those home-invasion flicks" but when you watch the trailer you will understand that yes its another home-invasion flick, but its also more than that, it looks to be one intense ride. If you're excited for 'You're Next', then 'Purge' should be right up your alley. It's just the case now of what will be better..
The Purge hits May 31st, 2013. 

2 Apr 2013

New SCARY MOVIE 5 Stills look stale

Another group of stills for Scary Movie 5 have popped up online, and we have them for you right here to gawk at. Dare you stare? That almost sounds like a threat, doesn't it? Get over it! It's not like we are tying you to a seat and forcing you to look. Then again..Malcolm Lee directed Scary Movie 5 from a script penned by David Zucker. It stars Ashley Tisdale, Erica Ash, Heather Locklear, Terry Crews, Jerry O'Connell, Kate Walsh, and Jasmine Guy. The plot involves three dancers — one veteran performer and two upstarts who are also best friends — who vie for the lead in a new production from a snooty, aloof, imperious, and oversexed director. It spoofs Black Swan, Paranormal Activity, Rise of the Planet of the Apes127 Hours, and lots more.

1 Apr 2013


It comes to an end, but was it a satisfying one?

This is the moment EVERY Walking Dead Fan dreads! The end of the season. Yeah we all look forward to the season finale as by that point all bets are off (which this episode proves) but then for us to have to wait over a year to catch the next one is human torture. In my opinion no show could ever match up to the originality, the unpredictability and sheer brilliance of The Walking Dead. What am i going to watch now? Help me people!

Ok, Moving on. Now is the time that I talk about my view on the closing episode of Season 3, what I liked about the episode, what I didn't like and so on. Before I go on to reviewing the episode I just have to say that I didn't think this episode gave for everyone wanted. To be honest, I expected more of a pay-off and for there to be more blood spilled, but there wasn't so no point in crying over spilled water.

So beware anyone who is reading this and doesn't want the episode spoiled for them because this review will contain MAJOR SPOILERS! So now you can't say I didn't warn you...

The Good: 'Welcome to the Tombs' was a very satisfying final episode, yeah there was a few things that bugged me (the ending, what character's died etc.) but I suppose it's all for that element of surprise and unpredictability is The Walking Dead's strongest aspect so i'm sure the choices the writer's made are for the best; but in my opinion, they could have done things differently. What I liked most about this episode is what i mentioned before, the unpredictability; I had this big senario planned in my head for this finale episode and not one part of it was even right. Everything I predicted was wrong so i'm sure many others predictions didn't quite go as imagined; actually I can see anyone predicting what happened because the outcome was so unexpected and rare. The whole vibe was unsettling and the tension was unbareable; all i could think was "who's gonna die" "Don't do that!" "Hurry!" and "Ohmygod ohmygod!" That's how intense that episode was. Would it have been one of the most nerve-racking episode's of the season? Possibly; was it the most unpredictable? Definatly.

This point falls into the 'unpredictable catagory' and i'm not quite sure if this is a good point or a bad point, but what i'm going to talk about is the very surpirisng and shocking death of one of my favourite characters, Andrea. When I said about how im not quite sure if it good or bad I meant because I loved Andrea and I loved her development as a character and her journey, so for them to kill her off I thought was completely wrong! Saying this, it felt as if there was nothing more for Andrea, her journey had come full circle; but I still don't think it was right to kill her off especially because she is still alive in the comics. Then again, it's things like this which makes TWD so unique and so shocking; so when the writers say "nobody is safe" they fucking mean it! I was extremely upset when it was revealed that Milton (as a zombie) bit Andrea because I was witnessing on of my favorite characters die right before my eyes, but what I have to say is that her pay-off was beautiful, it had heart, it showed true emotion and brought back meaning and feeling for this character Andrea; and to make the scene even more emotional Michonne sits with her and crys, I mean that whole scene would tug hard at the heart strings. If you felt nothing in that scene, you have a heart of stone regardless of how much you didn't like Andrea; that scene was special. Very few might not, but i'll definetly miss you Andrea!

Before I go onto the Bad of the episode I will quickly go through the deaths of the episode, and may I add, I expected there to be way more deaths than what there was. I genuienlly thought that Carol, Maggie and Martinez were going to get it but they didn't so that was a surprise. But the ones that did die were Milton (obvious), a whole heave of Woodbury folk (apart from some doll named Karen) and I think thats it. Is that it you ask? Yeah I know. Oh Oh! and before I forget, Carl turns into a real badass! Believe me, you think he turns into a mini Governor the way he guns down a teenager, but then when he gives his reason for doing so, you realise that he is totally sane, and everything he is saying is true, about how if you don't kill you'll be killed. Never before has Carl been right, and now I don't know if i'm rooting for him or not.

The Bad: There wasn't really any bad moments of this episode. Yeah if it was me I would have gone around this a different way, especially with the ending; that ending was a poor way to end the season and is a sure way to piss fans off, I mean all they did was provide a happy ending as they adopt old people and The Governor drives into the distance! What was that about? Pfft, well without cliff hangers it just feels unfinished and sloppy, It's not like TWD to leave things on a good note. But apart from the ending the rest was decent.

VERDICT: Would this have been the best way to end the season? Probably not, but ending aside, this final episode will surely catch you by surprise and make you feel every emotion possible. Maybe not the best episode of the lot but its surely the most shocking and the most intense. Roll on Season 4!


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