21 Apr 2013

Review: DARK SKIES (2013)

Signs meets Insidious.

Dark Skies, one of 2013's first alien horror flicks hit our screens a wile back, and the reason why I'm only reviewing it now is because I didn't have an interest for the movie, and quite frankly, I was busy. But I reviewed Zombieland before this so there is no excuses. Shame on me; and shame on you for watching this.

Dark Skies is about a disfunctional family who's youngest speaks of people who come to him, who he refers to as Sandman. On discovery they realize that it is in fact aliens who are planning to take the son as part of living. Um, I'd tell you more about the film if I could remember it, which I can't, so I wont.

The Good: It has been quite some time since we've seen another alien horror flick, so I was open to seeing this moving; it looked promising, scary and weird and it was those factors which I was interested in. The film is none of those things unfortunately, but it does have some good qualities... I think. Well I have to say I was fascinated with what was going on in the movie, yeah it was formulaic and quite repetitive, but I was always wanting the parents to discover the aliens and I really wanted to see what they looked like. Yeah it's silly, but if a movie can get me involved then I like it. the whole build up was actually ok, i mean the film was average, but the final 15 minutes were very good, the intensity of it all, the fear, the panic, the coldness was very intriguing; Pity it ended when it started getting good. I'm not going to lie, the is little I like about the film and there is little memorable moments from the film so it is slightly tricky to think of good aspects.. Moving On...

The Bad: Where do I begin. Well the thing that annoyed me the most of how tedious it was; it was almost like they would use the same scene but add in a new way to "scare" the audience, and the emphasis on the "scare" was just to state that this movie was far from scary. I mean what's the point? Have we all become immune to movie scares or are horror films not even trying anymore? There was one decent scare in the entire movie, that's how sloppy it was. oh, that brings me to my next point, the movie is so lazy, it doesn't try to deliver anything but cliched moments and trashy jump scares. What's the point in having to sit through a movie that doesn't even try to achieve anything or try to do something different, in that case we may aswel go home and watch the Friday The 13th Franchise, there's better entertainment in that. To be honest, it's films like this why I give up on Alien flicks altogether, aside from Alien, i struggle to try and think of another decent alien-invasion movie.

VERDICT: Maybe I'm being to harsh on Dark Skies, but what I'm trying to say is that if you decide to watch an alien movie, look else were because all you'll find here is basket full of cliché's and a movie that is better when you just watch the trailer. Looking for something new to watch? Evil Dead, The Walking Dead, for god sakes even watch Texas Chainsaw 3D, but if you want an hour and a half to drag, look no further.

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