9 Apr 2013


Director: Fede Alvarez
Writer: Fede Alvarez
Stars: Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci, Jessica Lucas

Five friends head to a remote cabin in the woods to help Mia with her drug addiction. When they discover the Book of the Dead they realize that they released something into the open, and being forced to stay, the group one by one start to become possessed leaving them to fight for survival.

Way back the word was released that a remake of Evil Dead was in the works, and as that was announced you could hear EVERY Evil Dead fan scream, and every horror fan sigh. Why? because that work "Remake" puts a black cloud over any horror classic it touches.. or should I say, ruins. Yeah yeah we all know remakes are "Bad" because not only do they toy with the original but they always turn out to be crap. Albeit, I did enjoy remakes such as 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre', 'The Hills Have Eyes' and (forgive me for saying) Rob Zombie's Halloween, so this does prove that I do enjoy remakes a bit, which is true, but nothing gives me more hope for future remakes than this right here; 2013's Evil Dead. Thanks Evil Dead, for making me excited for Carrie.

Before I can go into anything I can honestly tell you that you might not like it, it just might not be your bag. Wether it's because its a re-hash of your favorite film 'The Evil Dead', or that you just don't think blood and gore is the answer, your call, but what I can say is that it's every horror fan's right to see this movie and to see it now! Yes there has been a lot of hype about it, and I can agree that in some cases it's made out to be better than what it actually is, but there is no denying that this years Evil Dead will have you gagging, cringing and wanting more.

The Good: Oh were do I start. Well firstly I just have to congratulate Jane Levy on her Excellent performance as cold-turkey victim Mia, who I must say makes for a great final girl and Heroine (excuse the pun). I can honestly say that I am one of those horror fans who go into a film for fun, I mean some of the films I love would be 'Scream' and 'The Cabin in the Woods', why? because they are fun movies! To me, all that gore is just an additional part of my love for them. But what is strange is that I tend to stay away from the gory flicks such as 'Saw', for the simple reason of that it uses gore and torture as an excuse for entertainment when clearly it's just plain rotten. Yes, Evil Dead is exactly like that but it's also a really fun movie and it makes for great entertainment. What more could you want from a horror flick.


Now, this part and throughout is for those who have seen the movie, or those who don't mind when a movie is spoiled for them (don't say you haven't been warned) and it is here were I talk about all the juicy goodness from Evil Dead. Now let's get started on the deaths..
Well just before I watched this I kinda thought that the trailer showed a bit much, and considering that fact that there was only 5 characters I had every right to think so. Well... I was right; but let's not talk about the negatives quite yet.. 
So yeah how fucked up was this film?! I mean I have never seen the first one (DON'T JUDGE ME) so I was going into this with a clean slate, but when it ended all I could think about was how rottenly brilliant the deaths were. I can agree that the trailer and clips did spoil things for me a bit, but that scene were Olivia is sawing away at her face and gives Jesus (Eric) and few jabs with a needle is just cringe-worthy; you can almost feel his pain, until he gets to much of it in which we then just sit and think how much it would suck to be him right now... All the shit was his fault so in a way he deserved what he got. Yeah as I was saying, these characters get chewed up real bad! Olivia, saws her face then gets beaten to death, Natalie hacks her arm off and then gets the other one shot off, David gets shot by a shotgun and nail-gun, then gets beaten and then burns, Mia gets raped hit stabbed burned, she cuts her tongue in half, she gets buried alive etc etc; and Eric has so much shit happen to him that its hard to count. So as you can tell and have seen, these characters do not get away lightly, nor does the actor's themselves.. Unlucky.

The movie is fun, fun in a way were the audience can laugh at the inside jokes, they can laugh with shock and feel nauseous over the excessive amount of blood and gore and really just have a blast when watching it, even if that does consist of a few "OMG" moments that do become unbearable at times. To be honest, I don't know how anyone couldn't like this movie. If your a fan of demons, Check; a fan of blood and gore, Check; and fan of fun horror movies, Check; and a fan of pure epicness then this is right up your alley.

The Bad: There is very little that is actually bad about the film, but there were a few issues i had with the film, the biggest being some of the characters. I feel as if the two female characters Olivia and Natalie were just fillers, someone that is there to get tortured when things start to get boring, that's how they felt to me, maybe not so much Olivia but definitely Natalie; to be honest I think she is there just so someone can saw their arm off and to give a reason for the deadite in the basement to interact through that chained gap. Yeah I would have liked to see more character development with her. If I was to say one thing to you if you haven't seen the film yet or the trailers; Please do not watch the trailers or clips if your thinking about watching this because to be honest, a lot of the good parts in the film were shown in the trailers and clips which I had wished I hadn't seen until after the film because I did feel as if it spoiled it for me a little, especially with the "Why would you do that?" clip that literally shows the death of one of the characters. Other than that, and that fact that I wish the film and deadites were scarier, there is nothing else that bugged me about the movie.

VERDICT: 2013's Evil Dead may not be "The Most Terrifying Movie you will Ever Experience" but it can definitely hold the title for 'The Goriest Horror Ever". Fan's of the original may not like this re-vamp, but for horror fans all around the world, they can sit back and enjoy one of the goriest and most fun horror flicks in recent years. True Contender for best horror of 2013.


  1. Great review. Overall I feel pretty much the same way about ED. I do think though that once things got rolling, things happen a little too quickly. The original ED I felt did an excellent job of drawing things out just long enough to deliver some good suspense. Now that you've seen the remake, I hope you do check out the original.

  2. yeah i totally agree! thanks for the positive feedback! It is my next wish to watch them both but i think it was to my advantage to see this first so i wasn't left comparing from start to finish but yeah, i will definitely have to watch it SOON!



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